Partner in Healthcare

Why Partner With Us?

We collaborate with select international healthcare providers, industry leaders, and advocates to deliver a secure "price transparent" healthcare system that benefits all. Here are just a few benefits of partnering with us.

Help You Do What You Do Best – Practice Medicine

Welcoming international travelers requires focus on ancillary services that typically are not offered by healthcare providers. TaqTik Health wants you to do what you do best—practice medicine—while we take care of the details that create a positive patient experience from start to finish.

Lifetime Relationships

We do not treat people or opportunities as a one-time event. Our goal is to create relationships that last a lifetime for providers and patients. Success in medical travel can never be won by technology alone; that is why we provide the "touch" that will always be needed in healthcare. Humans, combined with the best technology (tech and touch), build relationships.

Promote Your Organization

In addition to your own page on our website, social media and other forms of communication will be used to promote your services to attract more of the types of patients you want to serve. Unique marketing campaigns will be developed to feature what you do best.

Lower Marketing and Patient Acquisition Costs

TaqTik's promotional efforts on your behalf mean that you can lower your marketing budget and your patient acquisition costs. Our efforts can reduce your expenditures while generating new revenue for you.

Maximize Capacity

There are slow periods when your operating rooms and other resources are available but underutilized. Tell us which gaps you want to fill and we will develop campaigns to help you fill them.

Ease of Payments

TaqTik Health assumes responsibility for collecting payments and forwarding monies owed to you before your patient arrives in your admissions office. Our simple payment system reduces your billing and bookkeeping hassles, lowers your overhead, and allows you to focus on patient care.

Measure and Improve Satisfaction with your Services

The "Q" in TaqTik refers to Quality. We survey our patients, accompanying guests, medical providers, and ancillary services suppliers to collect complaints and compliments about all aspects of the patient experience. Social media is monitored to learn about—and respond to—any issues that arise. We share that information with you in real time to ensure that you have the opportunity to correct or reinforce the services that you provide.

Leverage Our Assets

Our team engages in "simplexity"—taking the complexity out of health travel and making the process simple for you and your patients. Whether promoting your organization, paving the way for a smooth patient experience, or creating innovative avenues to increase business, our team looks forward to working with you.

Access our Technology

Taqtik is also a technology company headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. We have developed our own best in class technology designed for the medical tourism industry. Our platform has built in HIPPA compliance and security to maintain patient privacy and confidentiality. We offer our “white-labeled custom” platform to hospitals and clinics that want to manage international medical tourism patients with clearly defined processes, and built in payment and invoicing.

Reducing Complexity For Patients and Providers


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