Breast augmentation also known as breast enlargement involves the placement of silicone or saline breast implants under or above the chest muscle. Therefore, a breast augmentation is done to increase the size of the breasts, or to balance differences in breast size.  This is a cosmetic enhancement.

The procedure involves inserting breast implants behind or above the breast tissue.  There are many options for breast implants as they come in a variety sizes and designs. In addition, you can place them in different places using a variety incisions. Subsequently the goal is to make your breasts look natural and increase their size.

A surgeon might recommend simultaneous breast augmentation with a breast lift. For instance this is often recommended to correct sagging skin caused by aging or pregnancy.  To sum up this combined procedure involves removing some breast tissue, tightening and lifting the breast skin, and insertion of an implant.

Benefits of Breast Enlargement

Breast enlargement is a popular procedure that can be extremely satisfying. It is a permanent improvement to breast shape and size, commonly chosen in women who are not satisfied with their breasts, or in the case of trauma, disease or post-pregnancy loss.  In addition, most patients benefit by having major boosts in their self-confidence, and femininity.

Best candidates

A consultation with a qualified surgeon can assess you as a candidate, however, those who are in good overall mental and physical health may be suitable for this procedure. The exact benefits vary from person to person, so please discuss your expectations with your surgeon.

Preparation for a Breast Augmentation

Discuss any medical conditions that you have and inform your surgeon of any medications that you are taking.  Likewise before you make your final decision, be sure to thoroughly discuss the procedure and ask as many questions about it as possible.

It is important to not smoke during any procedure. Smoking can lead to circulation problems, and complications are more likely.


Two hours is the average time in surgery for this procedure.


When general anesthesia is administered you will be unconscious. However you may also have intravenous sedation or local anesthesia. Please check with your surgeon what your choice of anesthesia is. 


Depending on the surgeon's preference, inpatient or outpatient are options. In addition, some packages may include a hospital stay however please discuss with your consultant what your options are.  

Side effects possible

Side effects include; temporary mild discomfort, mild to moderate swelling and bruising. In addition for a few weeks, breasts can be sensitive to stimulation.

There are risks

There is always risk with any surgery. For instance one breast implant, or both, may need to be removed or replaced in order to correct problems such as deflation, implant failure, scar tissue formation around the implant (capsular contracture), which can cause breast pain, hardness, bleeding, and infection. Similarly there are risks associated with increased or decreased sensitivity to the breast skin or nipples, which can be permanent.

Selecting patients carefully and with help from the most skilled surgeons and nurses will help to minimize risk and complications.  However, despite the highest standards, complications can still occur. If you have concerns, please discuss them with your doctor. 


Within a few days, you can return to work.  In addition for approximately three to four weeks, you should avoid any contact with your breasts. Depending on how each patient heals, scars will fade in three to six months.


Each patient's outcome will vary. The overall effect is an increase in breast size to improve appearance and enhance results. Similarly they also provide support for the breast tissue.

Cost of Breast Augmentation

Costs of breast augmentation can vary based on surgeon fees, anesthesia used, inpatient (hospital) or outpatient (day surgery), implant type, method of insertion, and package inclusions.  Please ask your consultant for verification on what is/is not included.

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Next Steps

We are here to assist you with your journey. We recommend you make an inquiry and request a firmquote . This will ensure you receive a detailed cost breakdown of your procedure, with surgeon feedback.  We do not charge you for this service. Our consultants are very experienced with all our partners and can answer any questions you may have.