About MediPolis

The Medipolis Proton Therapy and Research Center (MPTRC), is part of Medipolis Ibusuki, a project developed jointly by the government, industry and academia in Ibusuki, a city located in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. The aim of Medipolis Ibusuki is to share cutting- edge medical knowledge with the rest of the world, while offering holistic treatment that aims to support every aspect of our patients’ recovery in a setting that is among the best of Japan’s hot spring resorts with a hotel and sports facilities. MPTRC, the core medical facility of Medipolis Ibusuki, first offered proton beam therapy for people with cancer in 2011.

Corporate name Medipolis Medical Research Institute
Name of medical institution Medipolis International Proton Therapy Center
location 4423 Touhou, Ibusuki City, Kagoshima Prefecture
Admin Nagisa Kanno
Proton therapy start date January 11, 2011
Number of beds allowed General 19 beds
Clinical subjects Radiology


Number of staff 47 (as of November 2017)
Parking space 38 units (hospital pick-up vehicle 1 day 9 flight timetable is here. )
Site area 3,332,064.12㎡ (All areas of Medipolis Ibusuki)
Construction area 3,473.63㎡
Total floor area 6,031.07㎡
Number of floors 1 basement / 2 floors above ground

World-Class Care and Experts

MPTRC has now treated more than 1,500 cancer patients, most of whom are Japanese. Recently, however, the Center has begun to admit more people from overseas, including China and Russia. In September 2013, MPTRC was the first proton therapy facility in Japan to be accredited 5. by Joint Commission International (www. jointcommissioninternational.org). This recognition of the quality and safety of the services at MPTRC supports the center’s aim of offering patient-friendly proton beam therapy and traditional Japanese hospitality, or Omotenashi, to people with cancer worldwide.