Kameda Kyobashi Clinic

Bladder Cancer, Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Head and Neck Cancer, Liver Cancer, Lung Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Prostate Cancer

About Us

Overview – Kameda Kyobashi Clinic is the first medical facility of Kameda Medical group that provides outpatient care in Tokyo, established in 2013. They provide high-quality health care in both the outpatient clinic and the comprehensive health examination program.

Tokyo Square Garden, where Kameda Kyobashi Clinic is located, is directly connected to the Tokyo Metro Kyobashi-Station. It is also only a 6-minute walk from Tokyo station, enabling patients from all over Japan to visit Kameda using the bullet trains. Buses and trains (Narita Express) are available from Narita International Airport to Tokyo Station as well. Also, a direct bus to Kameda Medical Center is within a 5 minute walk from Kameda Kyobashi Clinic. Kameda Kyobashi Clinic has become a choice for patients from all over Japan and from the world.

Ningen Dock (Comprehensive Health Examination)

Kameda Kyobshi Clinic provides comprehensive health examination (it’s known as “Ningen Dock”) a means of contributing to patients happiness through the diagnosis and prevention of diseases.
The purpose of the comprehensive health examination is to maintain health through the three major roles of the early detection of cancer, detection of lifestyle-related diseases, and the confirmation of your health condition.

Many types of cancer are treatable when detected in early stage, which could prevent death from cancer. In general, the treatment required after the early detection of cancer in the early stage is usually less invasive. For example, Periodic endoscopic examinations for upper GI and colon at regular intervals will help early detection of these cancers, so that will reduce the likelihood of death from them.

Advice for efficient detection of cancer
The type of cancer you are likely to develop, the types of cancer that are likely to lead to death, and the types of cancer for which screening is effective depends on your gender and age. Screening is considered particularly effective for lung cancer, gastric cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, cervical cancer, and cancer of the uterine body.

It is important to create an examination plan for the early detection of these types of cancers considering of the long term. An examination plan can be optimized by taking into consideration cancer risk of each (how susceptible you are to develop cancer), characteristics of the examination (advantages, weaknesses, disadvantages), and personal requests. They will recommend that you receive an explanation of the results after the Ningen Dock and then consult with your doctor about a future examination plan. Many people undergo the Ningen Dock to confirm the state of their health and for the motivation to live a healthy life.

Department of Oncology at Kameda Kyobashi Clinic is dedicated in care of all kinds of cancer patients. They utilize the latest skills and knowledge and perform state of the art cancer care with surgeons and radiation oncologists. Their expertise encompasses not only oncology, but also a wide range of general medicine. This enables them to perform high-level oncology practice.

Kameda Kyobashi Clinic provides outpatient care that includes oncology examination, laboratory tests, and various imaging studies including CT scan, MRI scan, ultrasound, and gastrointestinal endoscopies and out-patient chemotherapy. Should a patient require inpatient medical care, it is provided in Kameda Medical Center in Kamogawa that is 90 minutes away from Tokyo.

Kameda Medical Center in Kamogawa is one of the largest teaching and practicing medical institutions in Japan and has been a magnet institution. Director Yu Oyama, MD is one of the few the US trained medical oncologists/hematologists in Japan and a board certified the US medical oncologist/hematologist. Dr. Oyama is able to practice in English.


Respiratory organs: Lung cancer, Thymoma and cancer, Sarcoma, Pleural mesothelioma
Digestive organs: Tsophageal cancer, Gastric cancer, Intestinal cancer, Pancreatic cancer, Gallbladder cancer, Endocrinoma, Liver cancer
Breast: Breast cancer amd primary tumor
Head and neck: Pharyngeal cancer, Lingual cancer, Laryngeal cancer
Urinary organs: Renal cancer, Urinary bladder cancer, Testicular cancer, Prostate cancer
Cardiac tumor
Whole body: Leiomyosarcoma, MFH, Liposarcoma, Angiosarcoma, Rhabdomyosarcoma, Osteosarcoma, Ewing osteosarcoma
Brain tumor: Glioblastoma, Oligodendroglioma, Astroglioma, Metastatic brain tumor
Gynecologic cancer: Ovarian cancer, Uterine cancer, Primary peritoneal cancer, Sarcoma
Other: Skin cancer, Melanoma, Carcinoma of unknown primary, Neuroendocrine tumor

  • Languages : Japanese, English