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Breast Cancer, Second Opinion

About Us

Overview – Sun Clinic aims to provide medical care that is kind to the mind and body, combining the ability to cure illness with cutting-edge medical care.

They respect each person’s values and aim for integrative medicine that is kind to the mind and body by enhancing the ability to cure illnesses (immunity) that everyone has and integrating it with cutting-edge medical care.

They regard cancer as one of aging and aim to prevent cancer by rejuvenating the cells of the body, and will prevent and treat recurrence after surgery.

For breast cancer, each person’s original combination of immunotherapy, Chinese medicine, aromatherapy, and molecular nutrition (supplement) is used to provide anti-cancer treatment with enhanced immunity.
By boosting immunity, the body will be as good as anti-cancer drugs and will have a great effect.

In addition, the immunity of each individual is measured by a blood test, and the treatment that suits the individual is treated together with the patient to face the disease.

Breast cancer screening at Sun Clinic is a combination of palpation, mammography, and ultrasonography.

At Sun Clinic, female engineers who are qualified as certified mammography technicians are available.

Features of Clinic

  • Electronic medical record sharing system with facilities related to the Breast Cancer Society – This hospital is a facility accredited by the Breast Cancer Society of Kameda Medical Center. Kameda Medical Center and their hospital can share medical information through an electronic medical record sharing system.
  • High-precision mammography – Introduced high-precision mammography. Photographed by a professional technician who is qualified for interpretation.
  • Latest Ultrasonography – They use state-of-the-art equipment equipped with pulse Doppler and elastography. As of 2012, it is a device that has only been introduced in university hospitals and research facilities in Japan.
  • Anti-cancer drug treatment – You can receive anti-cancer drug treatment at the outpatient department.
  • Immunotherapy – they provide immunotherapy to prevent recurrence of cancer.
  • Art therapy – They introduced art therapy so that patients can have a comfortable consultation.

Sun Clinic works with affiliated medical institutions to provide the latest and greatest treatment. Some workups and breast cancer surgery are done at affiliated medical institutions, but treatment to prevent long-term recurrence is available at the Sun Clinic.

  • Languages : Japanese