Kameda Medical Hospital


Kameda Medical Center is private owned hospital located in the southern area of Chiba prefecture. The KMC campus includes Kameda General hospital with 917 beds and 500 full-time physicians specializing in the latest cancer treatment to oriental medicine. Kameda Clinic is an outpatient facility with more than 3,000 patients daily seeking quality healthcare. The campus also features a level-I Emergency/Trauma center and a Rehabilitation Hospital for patients in need of long-term rehabilitation treatment. Kameda is also known for its high-tech diagnostic imaging center, including the latest MR/CT scanners and the PET-CT (Positron Emission Tomography - Computed Tomography). The group’s Kameda Makuhari Clinic (Chiba city, Chiba) and Kameda Kyobashi Clinic (near the Tokyo Station) serves as a satellite clinic, functioning as a gateway to the Kameda Medical Center.

Worldwide Reputation

Kameda General Hospital and Clinic are the first Japanese medical institute to be fully accredited by the JCI (Joint Commission International) in 2009. Kameda Kyobashi Clinic was also accredited by the JCI in August 2016.

Physicians from around the world, especially from the Asian countries, visit Kameda to learn and experience the latest technology, surgical skills, and many other essential skills. Kameda has also hosted major international medical conferences over the years, offering an opportunity for both Japanese and foreign professionals to develop and cultivate medical skills.

High Patient Satisfaction

Regarded as one of the most prestigious, successful, and highly-respected centers of medical excellence, Kameda measures a high satisfaction rate among international patients providing warmth and hospitality unique to the Japanese culture. This aspect of the patient experience is very important especially for TaqTik clients who may be traveling internationally for the first time or traveling alone.

International Focus and Languages

In addition to treating patients from Japan, Kameda Medical Center frequently sees patients from all corners of the globe. Kameda Medical Center is close to both Haneda International Airport (70 minutes by car) and Narita International Airport (100 minutes by car), making it a popular destination for overseas patients.

Many of Kameda’s Physicians and staffs are capable of English, Chinese, and other various languages, some with double medical licenses -one in Japan and one in their home countries.

Highly Experienced Surgeons

Kameda's highly experienced surgeons and specialists are trained not only in Japan but also medical institutes from around the globe. Clinical staff continues to engage in expanding and updating medical education through seminars, scientific meetings, and conventions locally and abroad. The Graduate Medical Education at Kameda Medical Center is affiliated with several medical schools and hospitals in Japan and the United States. The educational program is fully accredited by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Tailored High-Quality Affordable Packages

For patients, Kameda offers a wide selection of Health Check packages and Specialties in Cardiology, Dentistry, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, and Spine Surgery.