Global Health Teleconsultation – Top Specialists

What is teleconsultation? Global Teleconsultations are available for cancer, bariatric surgery, orthopedics, and serious disease.  Our definition: Regardless of geographic location, teleconsulting is the ability for a patient to collaborate remotely over a secure video with a top specialist to gain a second opinion on a diagnosis or prior to arrival at the destination. How does

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early Signs of Lung Cancer

Early Signs of Lung Cancer

Not only cigarette smokers but there are nonsmokers who also do get lung cancer and smokers who don’t get it. Early signs of lung cancer are very essential for diagnosing lung cancer early. A major killer of men and women in the world is lung cancer. The main contribution to lung disease is cigarette smoking,

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lung cancer

Diagnosing Lung Cancer Early

Here are the common ways of diagnosing lung cancer and why early diagnosis increases the chances of survival for patients who have this disease Lung cancer is the fastest-growing smoking-related disease in the world, it is also fastest-growing cancer with almost a million+ people being diagnosed every year around the world. This kind of growth

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How To Find High-Quality Surgeons Who Specialize In Artificial Joint Replacement

If you’re looking for high-quality options for your artificial joint replacement needs, this article has been written for you. Perhaps you’re considering one of the most common joint replacements (knees or hips). Or perhaps you’re considering shoulder, fingers, ankles, or elbow joint replacement. Whatever the case, you probably know that in the US, Canada, and

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Is Traveling Abroad For Artificial Joint Replacement Really Worth It?

Many people who contact Taqtik have heard about the advantages of traveling internationally for artificial joint replacement. However, they often have concerns about the overall cost, including travel expenses, quality of service, schedule availability, and perhaps most importantly, the quality of the joint replacement doctors and staff. In this article, we’ll consider some of the

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Looking For A Surgeon Who Specializes in Artificial Joint Replacement?

Whether it’s osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or suffering chronic pain from inflammation, worn cartilage, damaged bones, muscles, or tendons, you may need to find a surgeon who specializes in artificial joint replacement. These types of doctors are called orthopedic surgeons. According to Dr. George Haidukewych, orthopedic surgeons are “basically the surgeons of the musculoskeletal system.” They

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Proton Therapy vs. X-rays

Radiation therapy with X-rays is a valuable treatment option for many cancers but its role is limited by the risk of damage to organs adjacent to the tumor site that can sometimes be life threatening. This is because X-rays are highly penetrating, imparting ionizing energy to cells as they pass through the skin and tissues.

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Breast Cancer

MediPolis Technique with Breast Cancer

Medipolis Technique: immobilization for breast cancer radiotherapy It is not always necessary to aim for great precision when the whole breast is irradiated after breast-conserving surgery but targeted proton beam therapy requires immobilization of the breast and this presents practical difficulties for clinicians. Further, there is no consensus on the best position of the patient

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Asian female patient

Endovascular Treatment at IGT Clinic

Catheter guided cancer therapy:  inject the drug only around the cancer area, instead of whole-body administration, which allows minimizing the dosage of drugs and damage to surrounding healthy organs. Under the advanced imaging instrument and technology, and experienced experts, IGT clinic has a long-time history and repeated patients worldwide.   The clinic is located within

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Non-Surgical Cryoablation Treatment of Breast Cancer Tumors

Cryoablation is the technique of using extreme cold to destroy tissue. It has been used for years in medical applications like dermatology, kidney, prostate, and liver to treat both cancerous and non-cancerous tumors.  Dr. Fukuma at Kameda Medical Hospital developed the technology to remove breast cancer by non-surgical cryoablation.  By this non-surgical treatment, Dr. Fukuma’s patients avoid

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