Sperm Donor

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Sperm Donor – A man who donates his sperm for use in artificial insemination.

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Cancun, Mexico


Irega Fertility Clinic

IREGA – Institute of Reproduction and Gynecology specializes in women’s health and infertility treatments. The primary goal of pregnancy control is the prevention of diseases such as cervical or breast cancer. In addition, to monitor the process and ensure healthy births, including treatments for artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization. The success rate of our clinic is the result of the hard work of many specialists who are interested in helping you and creating large families.

After 20 years of making thousands happy, they have developed a program that maximizes and reduces costs.
The most up-to-date technology.

Conjugal Artificial Insemination
IUI:Artificial Issemination by Donor
IVF using couple’s eggs and sperm
PGD: Preimplatation genetic diagnosis
ICSI: Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection

IREGA is a company that specializes in infertility and reproductive health. Their primary goal is to help you have a healthy baby. A twenty-year history of making thousands happy is something that they are proud of. Furthermore they offer different programs to meet individual needs. Similarly this saves money and ensures that you have a high chance of having a baby. Irega operates two locations. One is located in the Hospital Galenia, Cancun & (Quintana Roo) and one in Acapulco & (Guerrero), Mexico. IREGA was accredited by Canada International, the Joint Commission and the Diversity Health institute.


Please note that anesthesia is factored into the surgical costs but can vary based on the surgeon, and hospital.  You can also change your preferred anesthesia or pain management if required.  It is recommended you refer to your firmquote to see what anesthesia will be used.

Recommended Stay:

The recommended stay is based on surgical guidelines and feedback from past clients.  We always recommend you stay as long as you can to ensure maximum healing time.