Co-Founder/VP, Client Services

A global citizen born in the UK, Rachel has lived and worked in South Africa, Australia, and Canada, holding several senior executive positions for Fortune 500 technology companies prior to specializing in healthcare. With a background in IT, service delivery, and customer satisfaction, Rachel is the former CEO of Asian-focused medical travel pioneer, Gorgeous Getaways. Her hands-on experience brings knowledge of the integration of technology with the patient experience, providing superior patient and customer care to individuals exploring treatment options worldwide. In her spare time, Rachel is an advocate for aged care, health prevention, and animal welfare and holds an Executive MBA.

Leadership Experience

  • Over 10 yrs. Medical Tourism
  • Over 15+ years international IT/Technology/Innovation leadership
  • 2 successful exit, and 1 MBO
  • Founder of 2 medical tourism companies

Business Priorities

From a B2C view, my primary focus is to make healthcare affordable and transparent. I currently oversee our global sales and support team that involves a combination of "Tech and Touch". From a patient touch point, we help patients make the right treatment, travel choice, and services required. This also includes medical records management, compliance and security, and insurance verification if applicable.

Froma B2B view, I work on strategic partner initiatives developing new programs, developing systems and processes that enable global and domestic partners. I also assist with partner onboarding and technology training with partners who use our custom healthcare solution built on the Salesforce platform.

From a tech" view I am part of our technology enablement group working with our development team to deliver a best of breed global marketplace. This includes API's, insurance verification, schema design, process mapping, payment systems, data gathering, workflow, and artificial intelligence delivery across all functional groups and brands.

My primary business goal is to provide a "best in class" patient and provider experience that prioritizes global patient security, transparent pricing and delivers positive client outcomes and experiences.