Patient Testimonials

At Taqtik Health, our mission is to transform lives through personalized healthcare experiences. We take great pride in the positive impact we have on our patients' health and well-being. But don't just take our word for it – hear directly from our valued patients about their journeys with us. Their stories and experiences are a testament to our commitment to providing top-quality medical care, exceptional service, and life-changing results. We are delighted to share their heartfelt patient testimonials, showcasing the real-life transformations and the trust they place in Taqtik Health

"Peace of mind and confidence"

"I can't express how grateful I am for the medical second opinion with Taqtik Health. Their support, care, and professionalism shone throughout the process. Their expert team reviewed my case thoroughly and offered valuable insights that were instrumental in my treatment decision. The peace of mind and confidence I gained from their expertise are priceless. Thank you, Taqtik Health, for your exceptional service."

Great Experience

"Despite a minor hiccup with UPS delivering to the wrong address, the entire process, including setup, was impressively straightforward and hassle-free. The program significantly increased my awareness of my daily activity levels. I'm genuinely satisfied with the experience and would highly recommend it. Not only was it easier than manual tracking, but it also made a positive impact on my daily routine. Overall, it's been a great experience. ✅"

Fantastic job of keeping me aware of my habits

"The program's simplicity and straightforwardness have made it a breeze to navigate. It has done a fantastic job of keeping me aware of my habits, which is something I truly appreciate. I'm very satisfied with the experience, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to others. It seamlessly complements my lifestyle and wellness goals. Overall, it has been a fantastic addition to my journey. "

A valuable addition to my health regimen

"My journey with this program has been pleasantly straightforward, thanks to the well-provided instructions. Although I haven't noticed significant changes, I appreciate the effort. While I may not fully grasp its purpose, I am open to recommending it to others. My experience has been consistent, and it's a valuable addition to my health regimen. ‍♀️"

A good addition to my daily routine

"I must say, my experience was quite impressive. I managed to clock in 9k steps, which felt like a great achievement. While the journey was mostly smooth, I did have an allergic reaction to the band, which was a minor setback. Nevertheless, I would definitely recommend this program; my overall impression is positive. It's been a good addition to my daily routine. "

The motivation it offers is remarkable

"I found the process to be refreshingly straightforward. Receiving detailed instructions before getting the device allowed me to prepare effectively. This platform has truly opened my eyes to my weight and overall health. It has provided me with a clear direction on what to focus on, and the motivation it offers is remarkable. I'm genuinely satisfied with the platform; it didn't disrupt my daily life and was easy to tackle. I wholeheartedly recommend this platform to others; it's incredibly user-friendly. While it may not replace the personal touch of follow-ups with my doctor, having both complements each other effectively during the post-recovery period. This digital solution has been an invaluable part of my journey. "

My overall experience has been great!

"My experience with this program has been quite enlightening. While there were occasional syncing hiccups, it actually made me more mindful of my daily activities. At times, I felt conflicted, but overall, it's been a positive journey. The device did give me a rash once, and I wished there was an option for indoor walking, but I adapted by using outdoor walking. It would be great if it could record all steps automatically, but I still found it very useful. I would definitely recommend it to others, as my overall experience has been great! "

"Invaluable on my medical journey"

"I was uncertain about my medical diagnosis and treatment plan until I reached out to Taqtik Health for a second opinion. Their prompt and thorough evaluation provided me with a comprehensive understanding of my condition. It not only confirmed the initial diagnosis but also suggested alternative approaches that I hadn't considered. Taqtik Health's expertise, support, care, and professionalism have been invaluable on my medical journey."

"Best decision I've made"

"Seeking a medical second opinion through Taqtik Health was one of the best decisions I've made. Their team of specialists left no stone unturned in assessing my medical condition. Their detailed and comprehensive report gave me clarity and a new perspective on my treatment options. The support, care, and professionalism displayed by Taqtik Health reassured me throughout the process. I highly recommend Taqtik Health for anyone in need of a reliable second opinion."

B. CarterB. CarterBone, Neck & Joint Surgery - Thailand - Australia

Back and neck pain gone!

Certainly it was no holiday in the conventional sense. It was surgery. I was particularly dubious about going offshore. I didn’t want to end up in some third world location with unsafe and unhygienic hospitals. I admit that when I booked to go, I did so on the proviso that if I was not happy when I met the surgeon and visited the hospital I didn’t have to go ahead. I could simply stay and have a holiday. No-one in Australia would give me the same type of option. In Australia the cost is high, you have to pre-pay before your hospital date and you’re required to sign a disclaimer so that your surgeon doesn’t take any real responsibility for anything that happens later. I’m really happy with the results of my surgery.

"So happy with the results straight away"

Thanks for everything whilst I was there – I really had a positive experience and I will certainly remember the whole thing so fondly. Everything is good with my surgery results – looking better day by day as the swelling goes down. I was really so happy with the results straight away and couldn’t believe that there was hardly any swelling or bruising. Take care and say hi to everyone and a big thank you for looking after me so well. I really really appreciate it.

"Professionalism and caring attitude"

"I just wanted to thank your company, Taqtik Health, and the staff for their professionalism and caring attitude during my bariatric surgery weight loss journey. I was most impressed with the surgeon and hospital standards, and above all, the Taqtik Health Staff. I have almost recovered now and will definitely recommend Taqtik Health to my friends here in Sydney. Thanking you once again."

J. AndersonJ. AndersonBariatric Surgery - Thailand - Australia

"On a waiting List for 3 Years"

"I had been on a waiting list for 3 years before exploring other options. I started with a consult, and then decided to get a treatment plan for bariatric surgery in Thailand. I met my surgeon the night before my surgery, and he spoke at length to me about the procedure. As stated before, he did make me aware of complications that could happen and assured me that every possible care would be taken to prevent anything not going to plan. I was fully aware of everything that was going to happen to me and my post-op care as well. I was not nervous in any way and felt totally confident and at ease with what I was about to do. I thought that I would feel a little apprehensive and nervous, but having the support I had, I was fine. I undertook my trip alone, which was a big decision to make, being in a foreign country, let alone having surgery. As I mentioned before, I did a lot of research which prepared me for my adventure. Of course, the cost of the package also had an impact on my decision. I could never have afforded the surgery in Australia, with the cost being double my whole holiday in Thailand."

O. BrownO. BrownCosmetic Surgery - Thailand - Australia

"Wonderful result"

“THANK YOU” to you and team for a wonderful result and a wonderful stay. Thank you for your professionalism, generosity and care.

"Lovely bunch of people"

What a super lovely bunch of people at Taqtik Health. Thank you ALL so much – all’s going smoothly and soreness is bearable BECAUSE of the loveliness and smiles. Please forward my genuine appreciation of all the people that have helped me (Taqtik Health managers, frontline, online) as well as to the boss!

"Singing Your Praises to Everyone"

The whole experience with Taqtik Health was wonderful. I cannot thank you and all the people of Taqtik Health enough, you are all amazing. I have been singing your praises to everyone, and have given your website to all who are interested. Thanks for everything.

D. TaylorD. TaylorBone, Hip and Joint - Thailand - Australia

"Thank you for looking after us."

A wee note on the anniversary of my surgery to say a Big THANK YOU again to all of you for looking after Frances and I so well. Please convey my thanks to to the surgeons and God Bless

"Finally, Transparent Price!"

I had no idea what my procedure would cost after being told the waiting list was two years in the public system. In contrast, once I received my price from Taqtik, everything was laid out so it was easy for me to understand. The surgeon was great, the hospital was first class, and the accommodation and follow up care excellent. Thailand is such a vibrant and developed country and I felt safe and secure at all times. Something I hadn’t counted on was the great friends I made while I was there. There were many other patients having different procedures done. It created a really supportive network of people to have around you. I would never have been able to get such a good recovery period at home with the children to look after. For once in my life I felt like I was the one getting looked after, and after four children I can assure you it was about time! Certainly the sense of trepidation I felt before going was terrible. I wish I hadn’t taken so long to decide to go. In fact I was so nervous that I kept a diary of my experience and put it online as a blog so others considering surgery could see what the experience was like.

T. DuffyT. DuffyBone, Hip and Joint - Thailand - Australia

"Every day gets better."

"Thank you for your care and follow-up. I will recommend you to my fellow workmates. I know there are plenty of people that would love to do what I have done. There is a market for this in my own country. Your excellent post-care for my hip replacement was truly appreciated, and the experience with an excellent surgeon and hospital offering affordable, high-quality care was exceptional."

The hospital was 10 stars

I am quite amazed that the media seems to be so negative towards these kind of affordable surgery packages. My experience was so positive and I have nothing but praise for their staff, the hospital staff and my doctor. I did a lot of research on the types of surgery in Asia before I made my decision, and I was able to download my Doctor's CV, so I did have information about him before I even made my decision. I also was able to make contact with other clients in Cairns to get more information. I had numerous emails from staff throughout the four months prior to my surgery, and they were always happy to answer any questions promptly that I had in regards to anything at all about my holiday, accommodation, surgery etc.