Panacee Wellness Centers Thailand

The Panacee Wellness Centers in Thailand

The Panacee Wellness Centers in Thailand, Germany and China

There is a great difference between conventional medicine and holistic treatments.  If you are looking for an in-depth healthcare science which targets the cause of disease instead of the symptoms, the Panacee Wellness Centers are the right fit for you.  And if you would like a health check-up, their medical plan will provide you with all the information for disease prevention of any abnormal conditions. Panacee is all about the best Regenerative Medicine treatments with specialized wellness centers in amazing countries such as Thailand, Germany and China.

A Myriad of Regenerative & Holistic Medicine Treatments

The Panacee expertise counts with the following treatments:

  • Non-Surgery Orthopedic Treatments
  • Detoxification Programs
  • Vitamins & Supplements Programs
  • Peripheral Blood Cells Treatments
  • Cardiovascular Programs
  • Sexual Health Programs
  • And more

Panacee Wellness Khao Yai in Thailand

You will find the Panacee Wellness Center iniside the luxurious Movenpick Resort Khao Yai, located in one of the most fascinating ecological spots in the world: The Nusamai Ozone Poject. Surrounded by an exquisite and beautiful valley, it provides the patients with the perfect atmosphere to live on-site for as long as they wish. Panacee is the first health home in Thailand with the best ozone in the world, and a greenery scenario that will uplift all your senses. And they provide 24/7 healthcare with the best medical staff that will certainly exceed your expectations.

Among their specialties, they feature the following:

  • Anti-Aging Specialized Center
  • Beauty & Skin Care Specialized Center
  • Health Rehabilitation Specialized Center
  • NAD+ Therapy
  • Myer’s Cocktail
  • Ozone Therapy
  • Fresh Cell Therapy
  • Golden Age Therapy
  • Liver Detoxification
  • Chelation Program
  • Colon Cleansing Program
  • Plaque X
  • Cannabis Retreats
  • Hidden Food Alergies
  • Holistic Check-Up

Panacee Wellness Centers Locations

  • Panacee Medical Center (BTS Ekamai) Thailand
  • Panacee Hosptal Rama II Thailand
  • Panacee Wellness Khao Yai Thailand
  • Panacee Grand Hotel Romerbad Germany
  • Panacee Hospital Hebei China
  • Panacee Hospital Qinguangdao

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Medical Price Transparency

Why Get a Medical Second Opinion?

COVID-19 demonstrated the impressive reach of global healthcare but also highlighted (like medical second opinions) that countries can have different approaches, approaches, and recommendations when it came to treating serious disease. As COVID-19 transitions from pandemic to endemic stages, public surgery backlog, resources, specialties and surgeon availability may become even more challenged with budget contraints and government funding capacity in the years to come.

Why Consider a Second Opinion?

A second opinion is a great way to confirm that your diagnosis has been correct. Even highly regarded experts can disagree on the best treatment plan. A second opinion can help you save money by not having to undergo unnecessary treatments or tests. A second opinion can help you make the right decision for you and your condition. A second opinion can be a time-saving and cost-saving decision.

An objective second opinion is a valuable tool in decision making. Having an objective second opinion can be beneficial in many situations. A medical diagnosis can be difficult to understand and can result in errors which can affect your treatment. A second opinion provides an unbiased perspective on the situation and can be especially valuable for people who have undergone surgery, are pregnant, or have had a complicated medical history. A second opinion can also be useful when a diagnosis isn’t as clear as the first.

Protecting Your Health and Well-Being

A second opinion is a good idea to protect your health, and well-being. Second opinions are a great way to avoid costly mistakes and misdiagnosis. You can avoid the costly consequences of missed treatment, duplicate tests and other issues, which could lead to a false diagnosis. The Journal of the American Medical Association published a JAMA study that found overtreatment of healthcare failures can result in healthcare costs of $285 billion to $425 million per year. A second opinion can help you make informed decisions and ensure you receive the right treatment.

A second opinion can help protect you from misdiagnosis and treatment. According to one study, 88 percent of patients with complex conditions who received a second opinion were given a new diagnosis, whereas only 21 percent were told that their first diagnosis was the correct one. A second opinion can also protect your health and peace of mind. Get a second opinion to ensure you make the best decision possible.

Making an Informed Decision

Many people don’t want to go through the pain of seeking a second opinion. However, a medical second opinion can help you make an informed decision. It is also beneficial for patients who are undergoing tests and treatments and need an expert’s advice on their condition. For example, if you have diabetes, a second doctor can help you make an informed decision. A medical second opinion can also help you decide which treatment option is best for you.

Getting a second opinion can help you make an informed decision about your health. If you are worried about your health, a second opinion can be a valuable tool. You can make informed decisions with the help of a second doctor. Having a second opinion is a great way to get the best treatment plan for your condition. The best doctors can give you advice and can provide expert medical opinions. When it comes to diabetes, it can be difficult to tell if a second doctor is right for you.

80% of Second Opinions May Have a Different Treatment Plan

When you are newly diagnosed with a serious condition, it is important to get a second opinion. Eighty-eight percent of second opinions lead to a different diagnosis than the original. That is a lot of money, and a second opinion can save your life. In some cases, a medical second opinion can even save your health. It’s a good idea to see a doctor to ensure you’re getting the most accurate diagnosis.

A second opinion is a great way to make sure you get the correct diagnosis and treatment. It can also help you avoid unnecessary hospital visits and a higher risk of infection. Moreover, a second opinion can help you decide whether your condition is treatable or not and which doctor is the best for you. A third-party medical second-opinion can also give you peace of mind about the treatments.

A second opinion is a good way to make sure your treatment plan works. Not only will you get the right diagnosis, but you’ll also get the right treatment plan. By getting a second opinion, you’ll be able to be confident in the outcome of your health care. And, if your first doctor has made a mistake, you’ll know what to do next. It is important that you seek out a second opinion if you are experiencing health problems.

Next Steps to Getting a Second Opinion

We connect business, employers, health insurance, and private patients connect to over 10k global specialists who can give you a medical second opinion across various treatments and procedures. Simply complete an inquiry or visit our second opinion section and complete a request.  No referral is required, and one of our patient navigators will assist you with the process.


Facelift Procedure/reverse Aging

Can You Reverse Aging?

The concept of reverse aging is an important step towards living longer. As of now, the human lifespan is set at 125 years by 2070. But some researchers suggest the potential for life extension is endless, while others suggest it is limited. Some scientists believe that we can increase that maximum lifespan dramatically, and others believe that we can live a longer life with small incremental changes in medicine. No matter what the reason, it is important to improve our health and find ways that we can extend our life expectancy.

Innovations, Concepts and Approaches to Anti-Aging

Reprogramming Cells

Scientists are now working to create a therapy that would reverse aging by reprogramming cells. Although the exact mechanism behind reprogramming remains a mystery, it is very promising and could be implemented in the clinic. This would provide scientists with mechanistic insights into the causes and consequences of aging. Scientists will be able to validate their theories as well as find new targets. Healthy habits are key to reverse the effects of aging.

Drugs and Treatments

Using the proper drugs to reverse aging, you can reverse muscle degeneration and slow the process of aging in human cells. Although it may be a while before the results are apparent, science continues to experiment on human subjects. This breakthrough may lead to a longer life span. If you want to extend your life by a decade or more, then you can do a variety of tests to determine your biological age.

Metabolic Reactions

During our lifetime, we undergo countless metabolic reactions, and a number of these metabolic processes can accelerate or slow down the aging process. This cellular reaction results in oxidative damages, which can slow down healing and increase the chance of developing cancer. These processes can be prevented by changing your diet. This will help you live a longer, healthier life. This will reduce burden for the health system. Reversing your diet is a great way to slow down aging.


NAD or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a critical coenzyme found in every cell in your body, and it’s involved in hundreds of metabolic processes. But NAD levels decline with age. NAD has two general sets of reactions in the human body: helping turn nutrients into energy as a key player in metabolism and working as a helper molecule for proteins that regulate other cellular functions. These processes are incredibly important. Taken orally, NMN is rapidly absorbed and converted to NAD. In numerous studies, supplementation with NMN has increased NAD biosynthesis, suppressed age-related adipose tissue inflammation, enhanced insulin secretion and insulin action, improved mitochondrial function, improved neuronal function in the brain, and more. NAD and NMN can be purchased online at Nomon Life

Fasting, Eating Healthy and Exercising

Reversing age may be possible. Healthy eating habits and fasting can increase your lifespan, while exercise will help to maintain good health. Regular exercise and taking a few vitamins will help you have a stronger immune system. It is important to have a good night of sleep. Your body will benefit greatly from dietary supplements and lifestyle changes. You can take supplements in combination with your regular vitamin and mineral supplements and take the time to take your doctor’s advice.

You should also avoid sugary drinks and consume at least 8 glasses daily of water. You can try ginger or white tea, and limit alcohol consumption. Reversing the process of aging is possible, but you will have to be disciplined and take action. You can’t reverse the damage caused by smoking or drinking alcohol. Even if you don’t want to try this, you can take some steps to prolong your life.


Genetics can also play a big role in reverse aging. How fast we age is determined by the genes that are present in our bodies. These genes aren’t the only ones that can cause aging. The alterations that lead to aging are linked to a variety of factors, such as a decrease in general cellular function and the loss of the ability to produce the proteins necessary for healthy cellular function.

Anti-Aging Videos

For additional videos on anti-aging we recommend the following:


Carbon Credits in Healthcare

The health sector’s emissions are among the highest in the world, accounting for over five percent of the total in 2014. While most of these emissions come from domestic sources such as transportation and manufacturing, they can also be sourced from countries further along the supply chain. This report evaluates the options available for hospitals to be greener, including purchasing carbon credits and reducing energy consumption. The benefits of this approach are plentiful. Low-carbon products can help reduce the healthcare carbon emissions.

What are Carbon Credits?

The new financing method for clean energy is carbon credits. As a result, they will become more affordable as energy prices rise. The growing price of carbon is a major incentive for companies to adopt more environmentally friendly practices. Even though carbon prices are rising annually due to increased global energy consumption and increasing carbon costs, carbon credits can still be a powerful tool to offset these increases. The benefits of carbon credits for many decades will remain evident. Therefore, if companies are concerned about their carbon footprints, they can use these new incentives to help offset the costs.

Healthcare Supply Chain

The majority of carbon emission in the healthcare sector comes from the supply chain. Since 2008, the NHS has seen a significant reduction in its energy consumption and its carbon emissions. It has cut 18.5% of its total emissions. But, healthcare’s demands are constantly rising and the NHS must continue to meet them. Carbon credits are a way to lower healthcare costs, and also help the NHS reduce its carbon footprint. According to Dr. Nick Watts’ study, the sector of healthcare must devise effective methods to communicate demand. These signals can come in the form of up-front commitments to purchase the carbon credits, and long-term signals could come in the form of a pledge to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. A registry can help you to buy carbon credits.

How Does Healthcare use Carbon Credits?

The carbon credits can also be a good way to help the public’s overall health. These credits are available to hospitals as a financial incentive to buy low-carbon products and services. By purchasing carbon credits, hospitals can offset the impact on the environment that they have on the environment. American Society for Health Care Engineering (ASHE) introduced the program. It has been a vital tool in the healthcare industry. Hospital leaders have the opportunity to invest in their future patients and our society by purchasing carbon credits.

Another option for hospitals is to buy carbon credits from renewable sources. Hospitals can purchase credits from renewable sources as well as participate in the Renewable Natural Gas Program. This program captures methane in Quebec’s landfills. By doing this, they eliminate 119,500 tons of carbon dioxide every year. This initiative has a positive impact on the health of patients. These methods allow hospitals to participate in carbon credit markets.

US Healthcare Emmissions

The U.S. health sector’s carbon footprint accounts for more than a quarter of the world’s total health-sector emissions. Whether these emissions come from the construction of hospitals or the transport of patients, healthcare has the potential to reduce the overall carbon footprint. The United States has a number of environmental policies that can be used by corporations as a way to show their sustainability commitment. The United States has announced tax credits for hospitals to help them improve their environmental performance. This was done a few years back. Privately owned healthcare facilities will be provided with guidance and encouragement to help them achieve their goals.

As a means to reduce their carbon footprint, the new paper recommends that hospitals invest in carbon offsets. It will reduce costs and pollution as well as improve patient health. The researchers suggest that hospitals should design a plan that reflects the needs of their patients and the environment. The best approach is to develop a comprehensive sustainability plan that will suit the needs of the hospital. They can also avoid pollution and invest in low-carbon alternatives.

In addition to the health sector, hospitals can use carbon credits to offset their costs. Aside from saving money on energy, carbon credits also have other advantages. Besides reducing health care expenses, healthcare providers can also get tax breaks on carbon offsets. Hospitals can earn money by participating in voluntary carbon markets and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Aside from being able to lower their overall costs, these projects can reduce their risk.

What are your thoughts on carbon credits?  Do you think purchasing carbon credit offsets is a good thing, or should industry be accountable to reduce its own carbon reductions?  Let us know in the comments below.


Health Benefits to Fasting

We live in a time of indulgence made easier with eCommerce (we buy more than we need), and we eat more than we should. The reality of COVID-19 should remind us all that managing your personal health is so important. Heart disease or cardiovascular disease (CVD) was not very common years ago but in 2019 (Pre-COVID), CVD was the underlying cause of 9.6 million deaths among men and 8.9 million deaths among women, around a third of all deaths globally. According to WHO, Over 6 million of these deaths occurred in people between the ages of 30-70. The highest number of CVD deaths occurred in China, followed by India, Russia, the US and Indonesia. In 2019 alone more people died of CVD verus the current Global COVID-19 death are 5,223,984 at the time of this post. So what can you do about it?

Benefits to Fasting

There are numerous benefits to fasting. It increases your immunity by stimulating the regrowth of cells that have died, which leads to better overall health and a longer life span. But it is essential to remember that a fast shouldn’t be taken on by everyone because it may not be appropriate for certain health issues. If you’re thinking about going on a fast, it’s essential to talk with a physician before making any plans. A three-day fast is suggested for those suffering with an illness, or receiving chemotherapy.

Another advantage of fasting is that it boosts immunity. A prolonged fasting regimen can renew and replenish the immune cells in your body, and it will eliminate the toxins that are stored inside your body, namely fat. It can also reduce your blood pressure which is an essential aspect in maintaining your physical and mental well-being. Additionally, since it helps conserve your energy and delays fatigue from developing. Fasting is beneficial to those suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure.

Research on Fasting

Research has shown that intermittent fasting has the potential to lower body weight and help prevent the growth of cancers such as breast. Intermittent fasting may improve endurance and motor coordination. It also reduces cholesterol levels and liver fat. Because it is effective in increasing bowel functioning it is beneficial for weight loss as well as your immune system. Since fasting is beneficial, it will assist in improving mental performance. If you practice it regularly you could even boost the amount of sleep you get.

In studies on animals it has been demonstrated that fasting can slow down the process of aging. Male Wistar rats who were fed on a daily basis until they were weaned were discovered to have an 83 percent longer life expectancy than those fed daily. It is crucial to keep in mind that fasting is not a cause of malnutrition. Instead, it stimulates autophagy, which is the process of recycling old cells that aids in preventing heart disease as well as certain forms of cancer.

Researchers have discovered that fasting is beneficial to physical and mental performance. It is utilized by many religions and plays a significant part in the cultural practices. Although it is true that the advantages of fasting are well-known but there are conflicting scientific studies to prove the advantages of fasting. Many of us are aware that it has the potential to improve our health by reducing cholesterol levels and increasing blood vessels’ expansion. For others it is just the best way to get better health.

What Fasting Does For Your Body

Fasting boosts the level of the human growth hormone that is present in our bodies, which is a hormone that is crucial for building muscles. The increased concentrations of growth hormone in humans provide many other benefits which include preventing the development of age-related illnesses. They also aid in helping to help the body’s immunity systems “reboot” it self. In the end, fasting can lead to longevity and a healthier lifestyle. Human growth hormone can help our immune system to fight harmful bacteria, and also protects us from the effects of age.

Alongside losing weight, fasting can help reduce the risk of getting cancer. Through reducing inflammation and blood sugar levels and the elimination of toxins within the body will significantly reduce the risk of cancer as well as the type II diabetes. In addition, the absence of toxic substances may reduce the spread and growth of tumors. A healthy body means a positive outlook. If you’re worried regarding your weight loss, think about going on a fast. The advantages of fasting to your health are many.

Research studies about advantages of fasting have shown that it may help lower the risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease. Additionally, it can help reduce inflammation levels within the body. Additionally, fasting can improve the brain’s function. It is also linked with decreased chance of developing Type 2 diabetes and reduced chance of developing depression. Although fasting isn’t recommended for all people, it is suggested for those with Type 2 Diabetes. This is a major cause of developing cancer.

Fasting may improve the function of organs and vascular systems. It may reduce the risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease and boost blood circulation. Effects of fasting on blood-lipids, triglycerides as well as cholesterol are astounding. Although the advantages of fasting are not infinite, they are certainly worth taking into consideration. They may reduce the likelihood of suffering from cardiovascular disease reduce the risk of aging and help you live longevity and a healthier lifestyle. This is an excellent option to improve overall well-being and overall health of the body.

Take the Fasting Challenge

Currently, I can fast for up to five (days) quite easily.  Not sure I can do the 7 days or the 30 day challenge like many have, but certainly plan to work my way up to these goals. If you are considering fasting consider watching some excellent videos by Dr Steven Eckberg, a former Olympic decathalon champion from Sweden.  He provides some great advice on both food, nutrition, exercise, and fasting.


Losing Weight

Lose Weight and Keep it Off

If you’re trying to shed weight, you might be tempted by diet drinks or other beverages that are empty of calories. But, these drinks that may be low in calories and could actually increase your appetite. In addition, some other drinks may also contain alcohol which would make it more likely to develop extra weight. Therefore, you should increase your water intake to cut down on calories. To make your changes more effective, you should also avoiding eating out, ordering food delivery, and modifying your routine by preparing a packed lunch. Also, you should refrain from drinking coffee or tea if you need to add additional sugar. Black coffee or tea (even with milk) is acceptable as long as you avoid adding sugar.

Understand your Eating Patterns

If you’re looking to shed weight, you must alter the way you eat. For instance, if you’re prone to having breakfast at a different time, you may be eating too fast. To stay focused, you need to look at your habits and figure out the factors that hinder your progress. If you follow these suggestions and techniques, you’ll be able implement lifestyle changes to assist you in losing weight. However, remember that it’s not enough to shed pounds. To keep the weight reduction, it is important to be aware of how to maintain it.


If your used to eating seeral times a day, you might want to consider fasting.  Many people feel as though you will starve if you don’t eat at least three times a day, or alternately opt to eat many small meals throughout the day.  Either has its pro’s and con’s, but you may want to also try fasting.  Fasting is a great way to burn fat, preserve muscle, and feed your brain.  One of our favorite youtube channels is Dr. Eckberg, a swedish former Olympic decathalon athlete, who has excellent videos on both exercise, fasting, and healthy foods.

Losing Weight Too Quickly

If you’ve noticed that you’re losing weight for a prolonged amount of time, it’s possible that you might have an unidentified loss of weight. The cause is typically due to digestive issues. These ailments range from peptic ulcers to diarrhea. The most common causes for unprovoked weight loss are thyroid infections, overactive thyroid and intestinal issues. If you’re suffering due to any of these issues the doctor will recommend the right supplements to treat the condition.

Genetics and Health Related Factors

Although it is possible to shed weight without diet, the most crucial aspect to achieving your goals is to commit to it. Although you’re able to rely on activities and exercise to shed weight, you should be aware that the strategies you decide to use for losing weight will depend on your genetics as well as other health-related factors. It is crucial to keep in mind that a diet program which works for one individual could not be the right solution for you.

If you’re dedicated to losing weight and gaining weight, you’ll be able reach your goals. If you’re losing 5 pounds or the equivalent of 190, even a small loss can be a major improvement in your overall health. A balanced diet can help you meet your weight-loss goals, but you must take into account your life style. Apart from the diet, you must take care to reduce your emotional triggers and take into consideration your daily physical activities.

Comfort Eating

Although comfort eating can be a healthy and enjoyable habit, it could make losing weight a challenge. Additionally, it could negatively impact your mental health and can lead to excessive eating. In addition, having a substantial breakfast is a good opportunity to kick-start your metabolism and help you burn extra calories through the entire day. This is because eating a smaller breakfast can prevent you from feeling full during the entire day. When you eat a more substantial breakfast, you’ll have the time to burn off calories and your body is more likely to shed the fats.

Changes in your eating habits could aid in losing weight. The first step is to change your diet. It is important to replace junk food with nutritious alternatives. Instead of cutting back on the food you love it is best to eat whenever you’re feeling hungry. This will help you shed weight more quickly and help keep your mood under control. It will also help keep your mind on task. It can help you stick to your diet plan and accomplish your goals. It is recommended to try losing about one or two pounds per week.

Changing Your Lifestyle

The best way to lose weight is changing your lifestyle and not only your food choices. A balanced diet is vital to your overall health. It is important to consume a balanced diet that includes all food categories. It is important to not quit if you are full or feel like you’re gassy. You’ll become used to it. It’s easier to lose weight faster than you imagine when you alter the way you eat. It is also essential to not be focused on what that you consume. A healthy diet will help you consume more food, which isn’t healthy.

If you’re a vegetarian make sure you eat healthy food. Vegetables and fruits are high in fiber, and they can assist in losing weight. Along with eating nutritious food items, it is important to drink plenty of fluids. While exercise is crucial to lose weight however, it’s not the sole method to lose weight. A healthy diet is one that includes regular drinking water and a balanced diet. It is also important to ensure that you choose an eating method that works for you whether that involves regular meals or fasting.

Fast Food

Eating Healthy Food – Preparing For Surgery

Prior to your surgery you need to prepare your body for the best possible outcome. It is crucial to ensure that you’re not eating anything that’s harmful that may affect your surgical  outcome.

Food Addiction

Switching to a healthy eating plan may be more difficult for some patients especially if you have been eating bad food for some time. People can be addicted to certain foods and tend to get cravings when the brain starts calling for certain foods — often processed foods that aren’t considered healthy or nutritious. While your mind knows they’re unhealthy, some other part of the brain seems to disagree. This isn’t due to a lack of willpower — it’s a much more complex situation. The fact is junk food stimulates the reward system in the brain in the same way as addictive drugs, such as cocaine. While other patients don’t experience this and can easily control the types of foods they eat.

Selecting Healthy Food

The key to a healthy diet is selecting healthy food items which are nutritious and rich in minerals and vitamins. Avoid processed food items like chocolate, ice cream and soda. They’re full of calories and aren’t healthy for your health. The best food choices for you will boost your energy and boost your mood. If you follow a healthy diet, you will also lower your stress levels. It is equally crucial to have an appropriate diet. Making sure you are taking care of your nutrition and being active is essential. When you’re choosing what to eat be aware of the benefits of eating a selection of fresh or frozen fruits. You’ll feel much more comfortable about your body and yourself. If you follow a healthy diet, you’ll be more full of energy.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is the most important step towards living a happy and long life. Foods you eat contain high levels of antioxidants and vitamin C. They’ll help your feel more awake and help keep your brain sharp , and will prevent you from being affected by diabetes and other diseases. A diet high in vegetables and fruits has been proven to be efficient for people suffering from chronic health issues. There is a selection of food items that are rich in minerals and vitamins.

Avoid Sugar

To make healthy choices, reduce how much sugar you consume. Sugars added to your diet are high in calories that have no nutritional worth. Therefore, although processed foods are delicious but you must be sure to read the labels carefully. It’s easy to eat various unhealthy foods. If you’re looking to shed weight and feel healthier take care to stay clear of processed foods. When you’re eating you should choose healthy and low-sugar options.

Fat and Protein

Another tip to stay healthy is to choose foods that are protein-rich, so you’ll be able to keep your body healthy. It is essential to eat diverse foods. So you’ll get more nutrients , and reduce your chance of suffering from chronic illnesses. The best method to eat healthy is to ensure you’re getting a balanced amount of the fat and protein. In this way you’ll boost performance and remain healthier. You don’t have to feel guilty about eating healthy meals. Protein can be a great addition into your diet to boost your health.


It is also possible to eat food which are rich in fiber, and are low in fat. These are foods that are considered healthy by the majority of people. In addition to their nutritional value, they’re also not processed and might even have additional ingredients that aren’t essential in your diet. For instance, if you’re eating a balanced diet you’ll have a lower chance of suffering digestive problems. It’s essential to eat these kinds of food items to ensure your health isn’t put at risk.

Reduce Calorie Intake

Try to reduce the amount of calories in your food to have a healthier lifestyle. The typical portion of food is a meal of fruits and vegetables. The suggested portion includes 65 grams chicken or red meat 150 grams cooked veggies, and 100 grams of nuts. These foods are believed to be rich of omega-3 fats which are beneficial for your heart. As well as your eating habits, your selection of oily fish can be nutritious and rich in calcium.

A Beginners Guide – Video to Healthy Eating


Future of Health: Robotics in Healthcare

Robots are taking the place of some doctors because of the Covid-19 disease. Researchers of Boston Dynamics, a company that manufactures robots that move, designed the Remote Presence Virtual + Independent Telemedicine Assistant (RPVITA) robot to assist doctors diagnose medical issues and offer guidance during times of emergency. The device is designed to replicate the presence at bedside of a doctor, however it also functions as virtual doctors. MIT Professor Giovanni Traverso developed the robot that can evaluate symptoms without having to contact. The RP-VITA is currently programmed to carry out routine tasks as well as triage patients in hospitals.

The idea of having an omniscient doctor working in a robot may seem like a little far-fetched, it’s not too far off. The most advanced robotics system can diagnose patients in just minutes. Additionally, it has sensors that detect humidity and temperature. When a diagnosis is established, the robot will prescribe medication and treat the patient. The system was designed to be user-friendly permitting the doctor and patient to have more interaction with each other.

The robots will have to programed by human beings so that they will be able to comprehend the subtleties of human health as well as their symptoms. The AI inside these machines will also be able to be able to predict how health is likely to change in the near future and even prescribe medicines. The AI that is in these devices will perform accurate calculations and suggest the hospitalization of patients suffering from serious illnesses. Access to the AI will enable the robot to detect patients without needing to go to an institution.

Boston Dynamics - Robot Doctor
Boston Dynamics – Robot Doctor

Robot Technology Advancement

The technology is getting more advanced and more capable each day. The technology is beating doctors when it comes to blood tests and outperforming doctors in any other field. In addition to doctors, the robots can interpret mammograms and slides more accurately than doctors. Robots are able to detect Alzheimer’s disease through eye patterns. This happens many years before patients are aware of they have it. Robots’ potential to take over human doctors is huge, and a lot of nations are examining the possibility of using these technologies.

While some doctors are doubtful about the use of AI in the field of healthcare according to a PWC report, 50% of doctors and 55% of the public are willing to use AI and robotics as part of their healthcare. The reason why AI and robotics are set to transform healthcare, it is clear that robots with human like characteristics could be able to replace doctors in the near future. There are many tasks that can be completed by artificial intelligence that would be impossible for humans to accomplish. For instance, chatbots can determine the condition of a patient making use of data from a large database.

Accuracy and Interaction of Robots

While robots may be more efficient as human surgeons are, the accuracy isn’t the same. Although technology could lower the risk of infections however, it’s not as effective in identifying the root of the problem. Because of this, they will not be able to handle problems with mental health. Medical treatment is experiencing major changes. The potential for surgical procedures that are invasive is not as great. But, robotic technology will not change the procedure of patients visiting the doctor.

Another significant advancement with robotics involves the advancement of nanorobots. The computers which measure five feet high can be manipulated through a patient’s body. The doctor can adjust the haptic device in order to see a clearer view on their bodies. While the technology could be some time away, it’s already an important advancement in medical science. Its arrival will transform the way we interact with patients and the public as well as doctors.

In a study that was just published, Boston Dynamics researchers programmed the robot in the form of a dog to visit the home of a patient and communicate with them via the use of a video link. The study included 51 patients, all of whom had a background in medical technology. They discovered that 89 percent of participants were pleased with the robot’s capabilities and were confident with the technology. Also, 90 percent of patients said the robot was useful and they would recommend it repeatedly.

The results of the research indicate that patients would be more than happy to allow robotic surgeons to perform certain procedures. A robotic device is able to detect ailments by monitoring the vital signs and can even treat cancer patients. Its capability to perform specific operations is a major improvement in the medical field. Robots can also carry out small procedures, like eliminating gallstones, while they can also be programmed to perform more complicated procedures. Robots are also able to recognize and diagnose diseases.

Robot Doctors will ‘Absolutely’ Replace Surgeons Video


How do you feel about AI and Robot doctors?  Do you feel it is beneficial to healthcare and will improve the patient experience or do you think it is dangerous.  At Taqtik Health we use Dialogflow Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the front end of our website to assist with patient navigation, searching procedures and pricing and more.  Over time we will add more layers of complexity with FAQ’s. Years ago we would spend hours on the phone assisting patients with questions, but now we see that healthcare consumers are quite happy and very capable of doing their own research.  Once patients, know what options are available they can request a quote, written second opinion, visual teleconsultation and more. This frees up our patient navigators to spend more time with obtaining medical records, preparing quotes, arranging appointments and more. Try out our AI – Doctor and let us know if you have any comments below?

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Why Taqtik Health?

Right Healthcare Service - Right Price

You have plenty of choices for healthcare services. Maybe too many choices to be able to make the decisions that are right for you. We are here to assist you with finding the right service for the right price delivered by the right person at the right time and in the right place. And not just once but for many of the decisions you will make throughout your life about the medical, health and wellness services you and your family need. Our competitors offer similar services so you may ask yourself “Why TaqTik Health?” Here are just some of the ways we work for you that others do not.

We leverage our experience.

Our team engages in “simplexity” - taking the complexity out of health travel and making the process simple for you.  

TaqTik’s team is a diverse group that has lived, worked, and visited more than 100 countries. In our travels, we have experienced medical, health and wellness services away from home so we understand the details involved with successful health travel.  Our knowledge is built into every aspect of the company and services we provide.  

For example, how do you know if a healthcare provider offers quality care? How do you measure quality? Based on our years of experience in healthcare and medical travel, we have developed a screening process that locates selected providers who consistently demonstrate excellence. Rather than offer thousands of options to you, we have done the hard work of identifying the hospitals, clinics, doctors and other services that meet your needs. 

Choosing healthcare providers is not like buying shoes.

Shopping for medical, health and wellness services impacts your well-being, not just your bank account. Our services integrate cutting-edge technology as well as the personal touch with our team available to answer your questions and assist you in your journey. Technology alone cannot deliver a satisfactory experience.

Women and men are different.

So why do so many websites treat them as the same? Women and men want different treatments and services for different reasons.  TaqTik Health celebrates the distinctions between the sexes with information, images, and services tailored to men and women. Each of our procedurs are defined as male, female or unisex. 

Surgery isn’t always the answer.

While our healthcare providers offer a variety of surgical procedures, we offer alternatives that may be more suitable to your goals. Maybe liposuction is better for you than a tummy tuck. Perhaps Botox is preferable to a face lift. Or maybe surgery is the best answer for you.   We will work with you every step of the way to explore your options instead of selling you the highest price surgery or latest trend. 

Same pricing, better value.

The healthcare providers we have selected to work with us have agreed to charge you the same amount whether you work with them directly or through TaqTik. Why not get all of our services for the same price you would pay going directly to our providers? You get more for your money working with our team.

We value your time.

You are a busy person. TaqTik Health offers you a one-stop solution to all the services you may want as part of your health travel experience.  We get you where you want to go by combining the best online technologies with the irreplaceable efficiencies of real human interaction.

No medical arrogance.

Sometimes the medical profession can be patronizing or condescending.   In carefully vetting our providers, we require that they treat you with respect and we follow up with you to make sure that they deliver on that promise.

Respect and no discrimination.

As a multi-cultural team, we respect and honor the similarities and differences that make us human. TaqTik’s services are offered to all individuals regardless of religion, race, color, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, national origin, citizenship status, disability, gender identity and/or expression, military or veteran status. Our services are designed to meet the needs of the diversity of our clients.  

For all of these reasons and more, why work with anyone else? Contact us today to take the next step on your way to better health.


The Impact of Covid-19 on Global Waiting Lists

In the wake of the current global outbreak of COVID-19 The global waitlist has grown to an all-time high. A lot of people are without access to physiotherapists or surgeons and their health is negatively affected. The delays have placed immense stress on health care systems. It has led to a rising number of initiatives to ease the burden. These initiatives have been focused on reducing the wait time of patients. However, a lack data, a poor policy and personal preferences have all hindered efforts.

The Ministry of Health - Canada

The Ministry of Health, Canada's successor since 1968, requested an investigation into waiting lists. While these studies showed that the wait times for routine procedures were much lower than from other nations, both the government as well as the medical profession was unable to put them into practice. They expressed the possibility about waiting list manipulation manipulative and the need to improve the process. Contrary to this it is noted that the United States' waiting list average is seven years more than the UK's.

In a recent survey, Finland revealed an average wait duration in the range of 1.5 years. The findings of these surveys found a huge gap between demand and supply across the nation. In the rural regions waiting lists were longer than those in cities with the median being around five months. Furthermore, some countries established minimum wait time in order to have cataract surgery. For many Americans waiting for three months is not unusual. In Denmark the average waiting period was more than six years, which makes them the second-most difficult illness to treat.

British Ministry of Health

The issue wait lists have posed a challenge to health policy for a long time. The fact that waiting time was longer in certain countries than others was enough to spur policy change. In Britain the Ministry of health signed an agreement with 4 Seattle hospitals to offer the ophthalmic procedure. This arrangement allowed patients to undergo surgery more efficiently and has dramatically improved standards in British healthcare services. The government is currently focused on expanding the accessibility in medical facilities.

Hip and Knee Replacements

The number of people who are on the waiting list for surgery has hit a record with the median wait time for hip replacements and knee replacements, as well as other procedures falling under two weeks. The only minor and emergency procedures have shorter wait times. Pandemic disruptions also have reduced the number of patients on the lists. In the end, the number of people on these lists has nearly two times as large. It is now impossible to provide proper medical attention to the patients in a planet that is extremely sick and so large.

The Commonwealth Fund

In 2016 The Commonwealth Fund reported that the number of people who are on waiting lists is higher in Canada than every other nation. In Canada for instance there are the highest number of people waiting to see a doctor. This means for many they are in danger due to absence of access to experts. Most people have no option other than to seek the most appropriate treatment. This is made worse due to the inability of these countries to locate experts.

The number of patients who are on the global waiting lists has increased slightly over the past few years, with a particular increase for elective surgery. The number of patients who are on wait lists was greater in Canada as compared to Australia. Although they had fewer people the number of patients who were on waiting lists around the world was more than within the United States. A recent study revealed that the amount of elective surgical patients who were on these lists was restricted to a handful of hospitals. Although the majority of patients listed are over 50, they aren't mobile enough.

World Wait List Times

The number of patients waiting on the waiting list for treatment in the world is lower than the waiting list for the US. In turn, the amount of patients who are admitted for treatment is more than Denmark. Therefore, there are millions who are affected by the global waiting durations. If you're listed be aware that the wait time for the specific procedure is less than the standard in your own country. There is no age-related variation. That means that you won't need to wait longer than your peers. If you're an older and have a medical condition, you may ask your physician about your particular situation.

While amount of patients waiting to receive elective treatment is increasing, the worldwide waiting duration for elective procedures has been reduced by a significant amount. There have been notable rises in the number of patients who have less than one year's worth of waiting. For instance, in the United States, the median wait time for elective procedure is nearly two-thirds of global average. It is currently the norm waiting times for surgery are shorter than those in Denmark.

If you are on a waiting list in any country, you have the option of going to a another country for your procedure with no referral required. We can help you plan your entire itinerary including preparing your onsite treatment plan or virtual second opinion.  Our services are free for patients.