Exploring Your Travel Options

Today's patient has choices when it comes to travel services.

Your procedure and treatments determine the length of your stay in a destination. Whether you are traveling alone on medical tourism, or with a family member or friend, you may require additional accommodation options ideally located close to the health services provider.  Whether you want to make your own arrangements or consult with our experienced client consultants about locations, amenities and the best accommodations for you, we are happy to assist you in making your time away from home on medical tourism and your hospital stay as stress-free as possible, so you can focus on recovery.

How We Support You

We have the support and service to assist you throughout your holiday, which leads to an altogether better outcome than you would ever get from a day surgery at home. 
The difference you will experience with Taqtik is our service. We take care of you during your journey and beyond. We coordinate all your accommodation requirements together with your service, surgery and non-surgical treatments. Your holiday tailored to your needs - you pick the treatments and procedures you want, the level of accommodation and the total time away, and then leave it to us to organize everything. We make the recovery process as painless as possible, and we are always there for help. At each stage of your holiday we are easily contactable through representatives on the ground, at the hotel and hospital.

Travel & Accommodation 

Many of our clients prefer to make their own flight bookings as they often use airmile points, or can get an excellent flight deal. When you book on-line, you can provide us with all your flight information. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note that we are not a travel agency and our focus is on your surgery travel.  Our FREE travel services are designed to help coordinate your medical vacation to ensure a relaxed experience.  We are obligated by the rules of all travel agencies and/or partners and not subject to refunds, or reinbursements unless agreed to by the travel partner.   

Preferred Accommodation Packages

We have different choices for booking your accommodation in many destinations to suit all different budgets. Each accommodation is chosen for the location (close to the hospital and close to your Service Manager), price and comfort.  Also the hotel’s staff are familiar with us and therefore can access us easily in the case of any emergencies or requests that you have.

We encourage all clients to stay in an accommodation that we recommend for several reasons:

  1. You will receive better service as our managers can check up with clients daily
  2. The hotels have all received consistently good feedback with our past patients, and we have chosen them as they have the facilities and services are ideally suited to recovery
  3. There are many other patients staying in the hotel, and the service staff are familiar with our patients, so there is no need to feel self-conscious or embarrassed
  4. The hotel has our contact details and can contact us immediately in the case of emergency
  5. We have negotiated excellent prices with the hotels, and together with our services, our accommodation packages are excellent value

Booking Your Own Accommodation

We find many of our clients like to make their own bookings to maximize hotel savings and savings. 

Tip: Please book your accommodation carefully: don’t choose your accommodation purely based on price, instead, consider the amount of time that you will be in the hotel and the level of comfort that you will need whilst recovering after surgery. We do offer budget options for those who are having straightforward single procedures, but in general, more clients feel more comfortable in 1 or 2 bedroom serviced apartments. If you do stay in a 2 or even 3 star accommodation, please realize that rooms are more basic and therefore, it suits patients who are on a strict budget.