About Taiwan

The island nation of Taiwan is strategically located in the Pacific Ocean, southeast of China with Korea and Japan to the north and the Philippines and Hong Kong to the south. It is a convenient destination from many cities in Asia and beyond. While familiar to many visitors from Asia, it remains largely undiscovered by Western travelers who have yet to discover its friendly people, superb food, and wide array of activities to enjoy.

From tropical beaches to spectacular mountain peaks, Taiwan offers a variety of experiences for the visitor and medical traveler. Its capital city, Taipei, is a modern city that is sophisticated and affordable in comparison to some of its better known neighbors like Hong Kong and Singapore. Upscale shops, skyscrapers with amazing views, a lively and vibrant night life as well as its street-food scene and night markets, visitors have plenty of opportunity to explore and enjoy Taipei.


Other cities such as Kaohsiung, Taiching, and Hsinchu are a quick ride by public transportation which is clean and efficient making exploration convenient and simple. For those looking for a change from urban settings, escape to the countryside is an option. There are plenty of hiking and bike trails as well as parks and nature reserves to commune with local birds and butterflies. Taiwan offers many beaches and an assortment of water activities from diving, snorkeling, sailing, fishing and more.

The country’s rich history has been influenced by its original aboriginal people, the Dutch, Japanese, and Chinese. Those experiences have left their mark on the architecture, culture, food and activities in Taiwan. Historic sites include the National Palace Museum, Manka Longshan Temple, National Museum of Marine Biology, Buddha Memorial Center and much more for the curious traveler.

Shopping opportunities are in abundant supply. Whether looking for bargains in the night markets or visiting designer boutiques on the high streets and upscale malls, if you are a serious shopper, bring an empty suitcase to carry home the treasures available in Taiwan.

Taiwan has much to offer the world traveler including medical, health and wellness services that are world class.


Healthcare in Taiwan

Looking for high quality, affordable medical care? Check out Taiwan.

Taiwan has a national healthcare system providing high quality services to almost 100% of the population whose life expectancy is 79.98 years – the 40th highest in the world. Hospitals are nationally accredited yet many hospitals serving medical travelers also achieve international accreditation. Many of the doctors at the major hospitals and private clinics are US trained. The quality of medical education for physicians in Taiwan is excellent.

The healthcare system provides comprehensive services from preventive programs to complex medical care, from complimentary medicine to wellness services. The technological efficiency of the system controls costs while offering state of the art technology. No wait times promise quick access to quality care.

Taiwan is becoming an increasingly popular medical tourism destination primarily for visitors from China but also from the US, Europe, Japan, and Canada. A Taiwanese hospital has started offering calf trimming surgeries for patients who want to have slimmer legs. This innovation and others is drawing the attention of this competitive market.

With hospitals and doctors delivering clinical care at an international standard, Taiwan’s competitive prices are more attractive than Singapore but a bit more than Thailand. Considering exploring Taiwan’s healthcare services system for medical, health and wellness services? Contact us for more information.


Taiwan snapshot

Capital City Taipei
Languages Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese, Hakka, English widely spoken by healthcare professionals
Form of Government Multi-party democracy with an elected President
Time Zone GMT+8
Country Dialing Code +886
Currency New Taiwan Dollar
Global Peace Index 2016 High