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We help patients connect to a world of advanced treatments, high-quality specialists, and affordable medical procedures. No Referral is Required.

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Short Story About Taqtik Health

Yasuhiro Hashimoto, MD.

As a former medical doctor, professor and successful biotech entreprenur, I co-founded Taqtik Health as a technology enabled medical travel and tourism company with a goal to "make high-quality and affordable medical treatments available for everyone".  I encourage you to explore what medical options are available to you, and my team will show you their efficiency, professionalism and compassion in assising you.

Services We Provide

As medical travel and tourism experts, our team assist patients with a variety of online (virtual) and onsite (hospital/clinic) procedures and treatments. Patients can get second opinions form global specialists, compare treatment costs, and/or schedule an appointment at a trusted clinic or hospital in beautiful destinations like Mexico, Malaysia, Thailand, Spain and more. Taqtik improves access to healthcare for people everywhere. With thousands of expert doctors, and a dedicated 24/7 Care Team, the Taqtik team supports your journey towards health.


Free initial patient consultation and support


Video teleconsultations with a medical specialist

Second Opinion

Written diagnosis from a top medical specialist

Travel and Planning

Arrange itinerary and planning for cross-border procedures

About Us

Located in the heart of silicon valley, Taqtik Health is a fast growing healthcare company that combines best practice and innovation to connect global patients with top international healthcare providers and specialists for a variety of medical procedures and treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TaqTik Health and what does the company do? TaqTik Health is your online marketplace for global healthcare services. TaqTik is designed to help you take control of your health and well-being by offering a selection of medical, health, and wellness programs to mix and match different services, maximizing your time and resources. If you are planning elective procedures or treatments to improve your overall sense of health, appearance, and well-being, TaqTik Health assists you to find and book the hospital, clinic, or other service provider that best suits your needs, budget, personal health goals, and more.
It is simple. You can begin your search by procedure or treatment or by destination. Our services are tailored for women and men so you can narrow your search by selecting services by gender. Our recommendations will appear so that you can read more about treatments and destinations or jump right to asking for a quote. Our representatives are ready to help you plan and book your package of services.
Our providers contract with us to offer the most favorable prices to our clients. Let our negotiating skills work for you. In addition to the cost of the medical treatment, we offer many additional services that are bundled together to offer excellent value for different budgets. Our team works hard to save you time and money.
Our services are offered for free of charge to prospective patients. Searching our website, registering, requesting quotes or estimates, and more are delivered without charge.
After you receive an estimate, our representative will confirm the details of your package with you. Once you accept those details, a deposit is required to reserve the services of the provider for the available dates. You will receive an invoice and payment instructions with all the necessary details and for your ease and convenience, your payments can be made directly online through our website.
If you believe that you have health or medical insurance that will cover the cost of your treatments, check with your insurer first. Most elective procedures are paid for out of pocket by the patient but you can double check with your insurance company.

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Accreditation Standards

You're in Good Hands

There is no single, universally accepted international standard for quality and excellence for hospitals and clinics by which consumers can identify the best healthcare providers in the world. How can individuals considering treatment abroad educate themselves about the level of clinical competence and quality of care offered by hospitals and clinics around the world? There are ways to select high quality providers. Here is what we do at TaqTik Health to help you make the decision that is best for you.

Accreditation standards