Samsung Proton Therapy Center

The Samsung Proton Therapy Center is committed to delivering hope to the lives of our patients based on the vision of achieving true happiness and love among all people through innovative technologies

samsung Proton Therapy Center

About Samsung Proton Therapy Center,

At the Samsung Proton Therapy Center, we have a highly skilled team of specialists with affluent experiences in each field. Cancer specialists including professors of radiation oncology, nurses, radiotherapists, and professors of physics, under systematic collaboration, provide the optimum treatment solution for our patients. Furthermore, the treatment is determined harmoniously and promptly through the multidisciplinary approach that enables the patient and the family members to get together in one place with specialists from our medical team to consult the treatment.

Advanced Treatment Technologies

The Samsung Proton Therapy Center at the Samsung Medical Center has introduced the next-generation proton therapy device which is equipped with abilities to perform Wobbling and Line Scanning. The wobbling method is used to treat large treatment sites in which the movements of organs are influenced by respiration. The Line Scanning method is appropriate for treatments that need precise treatments due to closely positioned normal organs near the cancer tissues. Moreover, advanced treatment equipment such as the Cone Beam CT (CBCT) and Robotic Couch will provide accurate and comfortable treatments to patients.

Eligible Cancer

  • Head and neck tumor
  • Urological tumor
  • Bone soft tissue tumor
  • Pulmonary/mediastinal tumor
  • Gastrointestinal tumor
  • Hepatobiliary pancreatic tumor
  • Mammary gland / Gynecology
  • A metastatic tumor (*)

Wellness Care

  • The Proton Center provides the Wellness Care Program with a specialized team during the patient period.
  • They do their best to provide patients with comfortable treatment and make them return to a healthy normal life by understanding their physical and mental status.
Wellness Care

Treatment Period


Pre-Surgery Process

  1. Qualification by Taqtik
  2. Medical Record
  3. Qualification by the center
  4. Trip Preparation

Cost of Treatment

50,000-70,000 USD