Nose with Revisional Rhinoplasty(Rib Cartilage)-(VG)

KRW10,000,000 KRW


Nose with Revisional Rhinoplasty(Rib Cartilage)-(VG)

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Nose with Revisional Rhinoplasty(Rib Cartilage)-(VG)

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Seoul, South Korea

Procedure Time

2 to 3 hours

Anesthesia Used

General Anesthesia (GA)


VG Plastic Surgery Clinic

VG Plastic Surgery Clinic

VG Plastic Surgery is located in Seoul, South Korea. It provides a range of plastic and cosmetic surgery treatments for the face and body, as well as non-surgical anti-aging treatments. A specialised medical team with a vast surgical expertise prioritise patient safety to produce satisfactory results. Patients are always the priority at the VG Plastic Surgery Clinic. They are furnished with the latest medical equipment to perform comfortable and safe surgeries. Specialised medical teams are fully trained and have a great amount of experience which satisfies all their patients. At VG they work to introduce the latest medical technologies for each specialty and treat you precisely with advanced equipment and systems.
  • Residing Anaesthetist
  • Specialised consultation and care system
  • Systemized medical service
  • Specialised doctors
  • Advanced Anesthetics System
  • Total Care Recovery System


Please note that anesthesia is factored into the surgical costs but can vary based on the surgeon, and hospital.  You can also change your preferred anesthesia or pain management if required.  It is recommended you refer to your firmquote to see what anesthesia will be used.

Recommended Stay:

The recommended stay is based on surgical guidelines and feedback from past clients.  We always recommend you stay as long as you can to ensure maximum healing time.