Gastric Sleeve + VIP Patient Service Package-(VIC)



Includes medical fees, consultation, required exams, and any pre-assessments. Procedure time is estimated at 2 to 3 hours. Surgery performed under general anesthesia. Includes 1 to 2 Nights in Hospital. Recommeded 7 to 10 days stay. VIP Services included with airport pickup, local transport, scheduling and daily nursing support while in your destination.

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Seoul, South Korea

Procedure Time

2 to 3 hours

Anesthesia Used

General Anesthesia (GA)


Victoria Hospital (Azura Hospital)

Victoria Hospital (Azura Hospital)

Victoria Hospital changed its name to Azura Hospital. This hospital is the best and oldest in Cancun. It underwent major remodeling six years ago to accommodate international travelers. It is the ideal choice for anyone looking for cutting-edge facilities at an affordable price. The Consejo de Salubridad General has also approved this cozy hospital. Azure Hospital Cancun is located in downtown Cancun and specializes in bariatric surgery, plastic surgery, laparoscopic surgery, reconstructive surgery and pediatrics. In addition, the hospital has been providing high-quality healthcare services for more than 25 years. Likewise it has a strong reputation for exceeding patients' expectations and is well-known for its beautifully furnished rooms and outstanding patient care. The hospital is only 25 minutes from Cancun's airport. Furthermore it is also a short drive from world-famous beaches. Above all Mexico's Cancun is a top destination for medical tourism and weight loss in Mexico.

High-Quality Affordable Specialties

  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Weight Loss Surgery

Serving National and International Patients

The hospital's mission aims to provide top-notch care and quality for both national and international patients. In addition, their mission is to serve the community by providing high quality medical services with highly qualified doctors and surgeons.


The Victoria hospital uses US-standard medical equipment and state-of the-art technology. There is a 4D ultrasound, X Ray Service, an emergency room, intermediate and skilled care facilities, as well as an intensive care unit that has nurses and specialists available 24 hours a day. Furthermore it is equipped with the latest medical technology and equipment, as well as operating rooms and modern patient waiting areas. Above all to ensure patient safety, the center has a full medical staff including plastic surgeons, surgeons using laparoscopic techniques, nurses, general surgeons and nutritionists.


Please note that anesthesia is factored into the surgical costs but can vary based on the surgeon, and hospital.  You can also change your preferred anesthesia or pain management if required.  It is recommended you refer to your firmquote to see what anesthesia will be used.

Recommended Stay:

The recommended stay is based on surgical guidelines and feedback from past clients.  We always recommend you stay as long as you can to ensure maximum healing time.