Medikal Termal

Istanbul Medikal Termal is the modern face of Tuzla Mineral & Thermal Springs. It houses Hydrotherapy and Physical Therapy components, in addition to the Conventional Thermal Spring Cure and Mineral Spring Cure.

The Health Club is for guests with pain issues. It is designed to relieve pain and for those who don’t have pain issues, to live a long, healthy life.

Depending on the life standards after 40-45 years, the following areas are targeted to be eliminated: waist, neck and back. In addition to this also joint and muscle pain. In addition, the Health Club provides the opportunity to enjoy a long, healthy life by allowing for early diagnosis and treatment of any physical health issues.

The life coach will accompany guests on their journey to health and ensure that they have a positive experience.

“Tuzla drinking, spas” is the modern face of Istanbul Medical Thermal. Traditional Spas and drinking cures as well as one used by modern Hydrotherapy or Physiotherapy elements are two of the most important plants of Turkey.

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