What is Gender Transition?

Being the person you were meant to be

This pivotal turning point in your life is the result of soul-searching, and creating your own path to become the person you desire to be. You've considered personal and social factors, including psychological and legal implications, as well as aesthetic and legal considerations. Taqtik can help you on your journey, if you're ready to make the transition with both non-surgical or surgical options.

Gender Transition Options Available

You may be interested in non-surgical or aesthetic treatments like voice training, laser hair removal, weight loss, and voice training. Non-invasive and surgical cosmetic options, such as facial rejuvenation and microdermabrasion, can be affordable ways to change your appearance. You can also go deeper into the world of cosmetic surgery, such as breast implants and buttocks implant. These options, and others, can be chosen regardless of whether you are interested in gender reassignment. Thailand, and Mexico are known for its LGBT-friendly reputation. They have a high standard of doctors who can perform gender reassignment surgeries. There are many options available with positive outcomes and affordable prices in a welcoming environment. Our team will be there to help you along your personal journey. We'll get to know your needs and build a relationship with you. We partners with world-class providers of gender reassignment (GRS) in various destinations. 

Our skilled providers can help you with pre-GRS procedures such as laser hair removal or cosmetic surgery like buttock enhancement and reduction, which may or not be precursors for SRS. Discover the many services that are available to help you transform into the real you. You will find the support you need with our extensive range of services. We are here to assist you at every stage. Let's get started!

After you have decided on the treatment(s), you can also choose your level of accommodation or service package, depending on your needs and budget.

There are many treatment options available:

We support a variety of procedures in various destination for those who qualify for gender transition surgery.  This may include;

  • Complete Surgery - Some people choose to have surgery.
  • Sex-reassignment surgery - Sometimes called sex-change therapy. Some people may opt to only have certain procedures to make them more in sync with their emotions.

We can arrange a no cost teleconsultation, or quote with surgeon feedback. Patients can then discuss their needs with their doctors and choose the best treatment for them.

After transitioning, an individual may not feel any dysphoria. However, therapy may be necessary.

It can be difficult for family members, friends, colleagues, potential employers, religious groups, and even relatives to understand when someone's gender changes. Expert help can be needed for these situations.