Cosmetic Body Procedures

Plastic surgery can improve or correct the body. In other words you can have sculpted curves, a toned abdomen or you may be able to improve certain areas like the buttocks and female genitalia.  In addition, a skilled aesthetic surgeon can make you more attractive and confident in your professional and personal relationships.  To sum up we work with internationally accredited surgeons who are highly skilled and experienced in many types of body plastic surgery procedures.

Popular cosmetic body procedures include; 

About Multiple Procedures

If you are considering more than one procedure, or combining surgery procedures, there are safety and health concerns that you should know before making your decision for your surgery holiday.  For instance people who have experienced fat and weight loss – often through gastric bypass/banding – along with the forces of ageing, may consider surgery for body contouring and facial rejuvenation.

The skin that remains after significant weight loss or ageing will lose its natural elasticity. The fat will also disappear, but the unsightly hanging skin won't go away. Furthermore your surgeon can also remove excess fat and skin by body shaping, liposuction, and body tucks. In short this will create a contoured body shape and a more attractive appearance for your face and body.

Deciding on multiple procedures will take more time, preparation and planning than a single procedure. However to plan your surgery, you need to be concerned with:

  • Choice of procedures
  • Choice of surgeon and hospital
  • Cost surgery support and service

Choice of Procedures

People who are facing significant weight loss and aging may have any combination of the following areas of concerns. Subsequently surgery treatments that are advised for each problem area are able to be carried out together or in separate procedures:

Treatment Area Problem Surgery solution
FACE Sagging of nasiolabial area, jowls, excess skin over eyes, neck sagginess Facelift – “S” lift, including brow lift, neck lift, jowl lift and upper and lower eye lift
Sagging of under eye and nasiolabial area Lower Facelift
BREAST Sagging breasts Breast lift or Breast Augmentation or a combination of both to improve shape and size
Oversized breasts Breast lift and reduction
ABDOMEN Excess skin over the abdomen, lax abdominal muscles Tummy Tuck – Mini, normal or extended
LEGS Sagging skin (especially after weight loss) Thigh and buttocks lift
ARMS Sagging skin under arms, between armpit and elbow (especially after weight loss) Arm lift
THIGHS Sagging skin between and around inner thighs (especially after weight loss) Thigh lift

The exact nature of the procedures are a very individualized decision. To assess your request the surgeon will examine your body and face to determine the surgery plan. Following this, procedures can be determined by yourself and the surgeon before you travel (through photos) and then confirmed at your consultation.

Depending on the number of procedures you are requesting and your health, the surgeon will determine what can be safely combined.  Similarly in the case that two surgeries are recommended, the surgeon will advise the plan for each surgery, with adequate recovery time between operations to ensure your full recovery and health before the next surgery.

Choice of Surgeon and Hospital

It is important to choose your surgeon carefully if you are looking at multiple procedures in one operation. Longer surgery times can pose more risks and increase the risk of infection. Therefore, it is important to choose your surgeon and hospital carefully.

Choose a surgeon who has a lot of experience in multiple procedures. In other words even if a surgeon has had many years experience, or credentials from the UK or Australia, he/she might not necessarily have experience in long operation times.

Multiple procedures should be performed in a fully equipped hospital, which is meeting international quality standards. There should also be a full-time medical team. However to cut costs, many surgeons operate in clinics rather than hospitals, and without a full-time anesthetist in attendance, which is very dangerous for longer operating times, and should never be considered.  Your booking manager can advise on who is recommended for multiple destinations in many destinations.

Over the years of research and working with many surgeons and hospitals, these are the only surgeons who have had consistently excellent results and flawless track record of patient safety with longer surgery times and multiple procedures.

Next Steps

We are here to assist you with your journey. We recommend you make an inquiry and request a firmquote . This will ensure you receive a detailed cost breakdown of your procedure, with surgeon feedback.  We do not charge you for this service. Our consultants are very experienced with all our partners and can answer any questions you may have.