Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), rejuvenates the upper and/or lower eyelids through the removal of excess fat, skin, and muscle.

An Eye lift can restore a youthful and refreshed appearance to your eyes, and will open up the eyes by correcting drooping upper lids and removal of puffy bags under the eyes will complete the new restored look.

Eyelifts (blepharoplasty) are a very popular procedure for Asian eyes, as it can significantly change the appearance of the eyes by opening them up to appear brighter and larger.

The procedure is customized for every patient, depending on their particular needs.  It can be performed alone involving upper, lower or both eyelid regions, or in conjunction with other surgical procedures of the eye, face, brow, or nose. In addition, eyelid surgery cannot stop the process of aging. However, it can diminish the look of loose skin and bagginess in the eyelid region.

Best Candidates

The best candidates are  physically healthy, emotionally stable and those whose eyes are droopy and baggy, however this can differ for each person.  In addition both old and young patients can benefit from this procedure and typically ideal candidates are at least 35.

Candidates may be excluded if they suffer from any of the following conditions: dry eye, high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, glaucoma, or Graves’ disease. Personal anatomy issues, including bone and supporting structure, may also affect your whether you are suitable for this procedure.


The average time in surgery for this procedure is approximately hours.


There are three options available for this procedure general anesthesia, intravenous sedation or local anesthesia.  Most importantly discuss what option is best for you with your plastic surgeon and anesthesiologist.


This is an outpatient procedure.

Side effects possible

Possible side effects may include: Temporary discomfort, tightness or swelling in the eyelids, or bruising.  In addition for the first few weeks, excessive tearing and sensitivity should be expected.  Although temporary dryness, burning or itching may occur, these side effects are uncommon.

There are risks

As with any surgical procedure there is some risk.  For instance - temporary blurred or double vision, infection or bleeding, swelling at the corners and eyelids, dry eye, formation of whiteheads or dry eyes, slight asymmetry or scarring, difficulty closing the eyes completely (which rarely lasts), and a lower position of the lower lids. which can persist for several days. These complications can be relieved with lubricating eye drops. In addition, this may need further surgery.  Although permanent vision loss is possible, it is very rare.

Sometimes patients will have difficulty closing their eyes when asleep: although very uncommon also, this complication can be permanent. The lower lids may appear to be pulled down: this rare condition, called ectropion, may require additional surgery.


After two to three days, you can begin to read and return to work in five to ten working days. After two weeks, the doctor may allow you to resume contact lens use.

Post surgery, you should refrain from drinking alcohol.  However after three weeks, you can resume more strenuous activities or alcohol consumption.  After several weeks, swelling and bruising should disappear.

The eyes will often be lubricated and covered with bandages after surgery. Pain and discomfort can be managed with oral medications. You will also be prescribed an antibiotic to prevent infection.  Additionally, you will receive a list of instructions to follow for a number of days


Eyelid surgery will ‘turn back the clock’ by opening your eyes, and make you look more youthful and energetic.

Cost of Blepharoplasty

The cost can vary based on the technique used, surgeon fees, anesthesia used, inpatient (hospital) or outpatient (day surgery), and package inclusions.  Please ask your consultant for verification on what is/is not included.

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Next Steps

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