Calf implants may suit you if you are concerned with the appearance of your lower legs.  Bodybuilders or someone with a physical disability in the calves may also use this procedure.  This will not improve the function of the legs however it may restore a more normal appearance.

Calf implants, also known as augmentation, enhance the appearance and size of the lower legs.  In addition, this procedure is available for males and females and is ideal for people who wish to attain more defined calves or more muscular and toned legs to provide an athletic look.

The shape depends on muscle development as well as on fat distribution, the latter especially in women. However implant sizes can vary in length, width and thickness as well as in their contours.  In short, depending on what your individual needs are, one or two implants may be inserted in each leg.


The procedure itself can take approximately one and a quarter hours.


Anesthesia can be used for general, local, epidural, intravenous, and epidural blockage.


This is an outpatient procedure.

Possible Side Effects 

Possible side effects range from; Mild to moderate temporary discomfort, swelling, and mild bruising. The most common side effects are bruising however as with any surgery, infection and bleeding are also possibilities.

Potential Risks

As with any surgical procedure there is some risk.  For instance implant problems may require the removal and/or replacement of the implant. This may include; implant rupture, scar tissue formation around the implant (capsular contract), which can cause calf pain, bleeding, infection, and misplacement.


Two weeks following surgery, the patient will need to wear a compression bandage.  They also need to avoid exercising for several weeks.  After surgery, it is important that the patient must not drink alcohol however after three weeks, alcohol consumption can be resumed.  After several weeks, swelling and bruising should disappear.


Although the results may vary from one patient to another, the general effect is an increase in the calf size which gives you a better appearance.  It is important to follow the instructions and recommendations of your surgeon to maximize the best results

Cost of Calf Implants

The cost of calf implants can vary based on your size, surgeon fees, anesthesia used, inpatient (hospital) or outpatient (day surgery), type of implant, and package inclusions.  Please ask your consultant for verification on what is/is not included.

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