The buttocks implant which is also known as gluteal implants or gluteal augmentation, increases the size and appearance the buttocks. It involves placing silicone implants below, between, or above the gluteal muscles.  You may want to consider this procedure if you and your doctor determine that you need something more pronounced or a more permanent shape.

Buttocks are considered as a symbol of femininity and sensuality and this procedure can reshape the gluteal area to enhance this.  Its focus is to provide an uplifted and shapelier buttock profile.  You can consider this type of enhancement when your buttocks are too small, too flat or too square.  Implants will provide a balanced look with more curves and a youthful appearance.  Keep in mind that your buttocks will be bigger, firmer and rounder.  


It takes approximately one and a quarter hours.


It is possible to use general anesthesia or epidural blocking.


Either depending on the doctor's decision.

Possible side effects

Mild to moderate temporary discomfort, mild swelling, or bruising.

There are risks

Implant problems may require the removal and/or replacement of the implant. This includes implant rupture, scar tissue formation around the implant (capsular contract), which can cause the gluteus pain, bleeding, infection, and misplacement.


For the first 72 hours, patients must be able to sit down as much as possible. Patients should either lie down or stand for most of the time. Patients can begin to sit down, but they should place their weight on their backs and not on their gluteal region.  Special devices may be recommended by some doctors to allow patients to sit down for the first 10-15 days following surgery.

For several weeks, the patient should be wearing a tight garment around their gluteal region. After surgery, the patient should refrain from drinking alcohol. After three weeks, alcohol consumption can be resumed. After several weeks, swelling and bruising should disappear.

To reduce the unpleasant after effects of the surgery, follow your doctor’s recommendations closely and notify your healthcare provider if you experience any signs of infection or other health problems.


Although the outcome of each patient is different, the general effect is to increase the size of the gluteus (buttocks), which will give you a more attractive appearance.

Cost of Buttocks Implants

Cost of buttocks implants can vary based on your size, surgeon fees, anesthesia used, inpatient (hospital) or outpatient (day surgery) and package inclusions.  Please ask your consultant for verification on what is/is not included.

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