Osaka Heavy Ion Therapy Center

Osaka Heavy Ion Therapy Center provides the state-of-the-art cancer treatment with Japanese world-class technologies such as the compact heavy ion accelerator and high-speed and high-precision scanning irradiation system. In addition, we provide patient-friendly cancer treatment at the facilities, adopting a universal design according to the policy of security and safety.

Osaka Heavy Ion Therapy Center



Osaka, Japan

Type of City: Metropolitan: Second Largest City


Our center is the first heavy ion therapy facility in Osaka, and we conduct treatments with the latest scanning irradiation technologies in all three treatment rooms.

By adopting a real-time image-gating irradiation system, even targets in motion due to patient respiration can be precisely treated with heavy ion beams.

We can provide comprehensive cancer care in cooperation with the adjacent Osaka International Cancer Institute.

Osaka Heavy Ion Therapy Center is located in the center of Osaka with convenient access to good hotels, the international airport, and transportation. This enables patients to continue with their work and personal lives.

Open: 2018 October

Facility Benefits

  • Pinpoint Scanning Targeting
  • Collaboration with National Cancer Center at the adjacent campus
  • Stay in an urban area during treatment
  • Located in the historical area

Features of heavy ion therapy

What are heavy ions?

Therapeutic radiation is categorized into either a photon beam or a particle beam. A photon beam is a kind of electromagnetic wave, and a particle beam is made up of high-energy ions. The former includes X-rays and gamma rays, and the latter includes protons and heavy ions, etc.

Heavy ions go through the human body at high speeds, leaving only a small amount of energy behind in the body tissue to a certain depth. They provide a large amount of energy just before stopping, making a dose peak. Heavy ions have two to three times higher cancer-killing effect than X-ray and proton beams.

Our facility selects carbon ions as a heavy ion beams.

Therapeutic radiation treatment

Therapeutic radiation treatment

Eligible Cancer

  • Head and neck tumor
  • Urological tumor
  • Bone soft tissue tumor
  • Pulmonary/mediastinal tumor
  • Gastrointestinal tumor
  • Hepatobiliary pancreatic tumor
  • Mammary gland / Gynecology
  • Metastatic tumor (*)

Treatment Period

3-5 WEEKS <link to information about required weeks>

Pre-Surgery Process

  1. Qualification by Taqtik
  2. Medical Record
  3. Qualification by the center
  4. Trip Preparation

Cost of Treatment

50,000-70,000 USD