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About Us

Overview – Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust is one of the largest and busiest acute hospital trusts in the UK.  They are committed to delivering the highest quality and safest treatment and care to every patient, every time. Since its launch in 2014, The Leeds Way has become embedded in everything they do at LTHT.

The Leeds Way is who they are and what they believe. It defines how they work to deliver the best possible care and outcomes for their patients. The Leeds Way is about listening and being inclusive and taking on board the very best ideas out there.

They operate a clinically-led structure, which means that doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals make the decisions on how they run their services. Clinical Service Units (CSUs) deliver all of their services and are led by a team that includes a Clinical Director, a Head of Nursing or Profession and a General Manager.

Each CSU has its own clinical focus and is responsible for delivering the highest standards of quality, safety and financial performance for its service. Providing high-quality care and running effective services is very much a team effort.

Cancer, blood and genetics
Leeds Cancer Centre provides some of the most advanced treatment and care for patients with cancer anywhere in the world. It is one of the largest comprehensive cancer centres in the country, offering specialist cancer services and is recognised as a world leader in cancer research and innovation. Leeds was the first centre to implement advanced high-dose rate radiotherapy techniques using linac technology co-developed with the manufacturer. They use some of the most advanced imaging and delivery technology available so that patients treated in Leeds have access to the very latest, world-class, state-of-the-art radiotherapy.

They have one of the largest single hospital pathology departments in the country. The pathology department delivers diagnostic services to all clinical teams in the hospital and community, as well as some unique services further afield. Clinical genetics service works at a regional and national level seeing both adults and children. They are a lead partner in the Yorkshire and Humber Genomic Medicine Centre and recruited the first patient in the region to the 100,000 Genomes Project. This national project aims to decode the DNA sequences of 100,000 genomes to gain a better understanding of the genetic changes that may cause disease

Leeds Cancer Centre diagnoses and treats cancer for the people of Leeds and the Yorkshire region. They are one of the largest cancer centres in the UK and provide some of the most up-to-date treatment, care and support for people with cancer.

The diagnostic, treatment and support services enable them to provide the most advanced treatment, care and support for those affected by cancer.

The services are managed by the Clinical Service management teams, supported by the Lead Cancer Team, and are located at all the hospital sites.

When possible cancer symptoms are first recognised, there are well established rapid access referral pathways to the correct specialist team for investigations.

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