Chaum is a future-oriented power aging center that helps you find your health and have fun. It mobilizes wisdom and technology, including western medicine, oriental medicine, integrative medicine, food treatment and exercise prescription. Premium health check-ups, outpatient treatment, and power aging specialist center

The Gray Zone is a state in which most people are neither sick nor healthy.  This is a service that Chaum, a true center for health, can offer to help you find the Gray Zone, check your health and fill out, care for, and assume responsibility even for 1% of your unhealthy conditions.

Specialist clinics can identify and prevent disease early. They offer a wide range of customized medical care and customer convenience. In addition they offer customized treatment by working with each medical team to help you live a happier and healthier life.

Chaum International Medical Centre provides professional medical services to foreign patients from both home and abroad. It is committed to providing world-class medical services and making every effort to ensure foreigners have access to medical benefits regardless of race, language or culture.

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