Hospital QuironSalud Barcelona

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Type of City: Metropolitan, the second largest city in Spain


Hospital Quironsalud Barcelona is located in an emblematic and well-connected area of the city at the confluence of the Passeig de Sant Gervasi, the Avinguda República Argentina and the Ronda de Dalt. It has become the benchmark for private healthcare in southern Europe, providing world-class service for the past seventy years.

Quirónsalud is Spain’s leading provider of health services. Although a young brand—born of the merger between idcsalud and Quirón—they have over 60 years of experience caring for people’s health and well-being
Quirónsalud offers patients comprehensive health care that encompasses all medical specialties.

With more than 70 medical centers throughout Spain, a highly regarded professional team, the latest technology, flourishing research and education programs, and a management model based on a solid commitment to quality.

In addition, the group features more than 90 centers throughout Spain, a highly renowned staff, the most advanced technology. Techniques such as IVF have a cumulative success rate of over 80% after three attempts, while with egg donation this rate is about 90%.

Advantages of Facility:

In vitro fertilization
Artificial insemination
Egg donation
Fertility preservation
Egg and embryo vitrification
MACS (magnetic-activated cell sorting)
Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)
Time-lapse system for embryo incubation

Process before the visit:

Qualification by Taqtik
Medical Record
Qualification by the center
Trip preparation

Care and comfort

The best and most cutting-edge facilities, the best medical professionals, nursing assistants, peaceful and cozy atmosphere, the sum of conditions that allow our patients to enjoy the best quality of care.

  • Integrative medicine focused on the patient’s needs
  • Full range of services
  • Medical staff of international prestige
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Quality and comfort in all facilities
  • Health and support staff with extensive experience in health care

Hospital Quironsalud Barcelona has 165 single rooms (among which there are 4 Royal Suites and 39 Suites) designed to provide more comfort and spaciousness to patients and to accommodate new technological features that makes it one of the more modern and better suited to 21st century centers. All this with the prestige and quality care from The Quirónsalud Hospital Group.

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