Mackay Memorial Hospital

Mackay Memorial Hospital (MMH), is one of Taipei’s most highly regarded medical centers. The 938-bed hospital was established over 130 years ago and is dedicated to providing high quality medical services and medical research.

It won the Symbol of National Quality Mark and received the First Award of Next Magazine 12th Service Awards. In addition the MMH International Medical Service Center comprises a reproductive medicine center, a cosmetic surgery center, a surgical academy of joint reconstruction, a cardiovascular center and a health examination center.

The Mackay Memorial Hospital is located in Taipei’s central district, on Chung-Shan North Road. It can be reached via the MRT Shuanglian station, which is just two blocks away. The hospital is located close to the Dadaocheng Pier, and Dadaocheng Historic Neighborhood. To clarify these are popular neighborhoods that offer new arts, boutique shops, historical architecture, and the charms old Taipei.

Center of Cosmetic Medicine

The center for cosmetic medicine is dedicated exclusively to evidence-based aesthetic medicine. It has a qualified team of specialists and skilled staff. Furthermore it is well-known for its friendly and welcoming environment, where privacy and comfort are paramount. Above all beauty-seekers can choose from a variety of cosmetic procedures and aesthetic treatments, including LASER and glycolic acid peeling.

Breast augmentation, double-fold eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty and liposuction are just some of the procedures offered. And international customers can use the center’s translation and reservation services. They also offer accommodation and hospital admission services.

Health Evaluation Center

The Healthy Evaluation Center provides facilities for comprehensive health evaluations. They are dedicated to providing high-quality care for individual and corporate assessments. In addition, throughout the entire examination process, customers will be greeted and assisted by professional receptionists. In conclusion the center’s medical team will offer customized health exams and follow-ups based on the results of the senior attending doctors.

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