Bangkok Hospital HQ

Bangkok Hospital was founded in 1972, as one of the first Thai private hospitals. They have grown to be a tertiary facility with dedicated cardiology and cancer hospitals over the 40-year period. In addition, they offer a full range of diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation services at Bangkok Hospital. However, what makes them stand out from other hospitals is the dedication to specialized, tertiary care. The Joint Commission International is one of the most respected and respected accreditation agencies for healthcare. They have internationally certified their services and treatment processes.

Awards and Certification

JCI accreditation is a milestone for Thailand, not only internally but also as a symbol of Thailand’s medical excellence. This accreditation officially recognizes that the practice of the doctors, nurses, and medical assistants at Bangkok Hospital meets or exceeds the standards of US medical facilities. Bangkok Hospital is proud and committed to quality, safety and health.

Specialty Areas and focus

Having a high quality of health often involves beauty both on the outside and within and can also be an indication of proper healthcare.  Firstly, a health check-up is a must to identify any health issues that may exist. This will help you to get the best treatment possible before the illness gets worse. Secondly, is to slow down the aging process, as internal mechanisms change as we age. You can slow down aging and its symptoms by adopting healthy eating habits and exercising regularly. The relationship between beauty and surgery is another important consideration, given today’s beauty culture trends.

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