Rattinan Clinic

Rattinan Medical Center was established by a group of doctors with extensive experience in many areas of beauty. A center for body contouring in Bangkok is what was desired. Customers are more important to them than profits.

Opened since 1999 by trusted doctors and staff.  Their nursing facility meets international standards and is modern, clean, safe, free of germs, and maintained to a high standard.

Safety is their number one priority. Their experienced medical team is up-to-date to ensure everyone who uses their service is satisfied.

Rattinan Medical Center has provided beauty services and a full range of treatments for over 22 years.

Experts in cosmetic surgery, including breast augmentation, liposuction and abdominal skin cutting. Face lifting, Ulthera Thermage and skin care. In addition, acid reflux surgery is performed according to international safety standards from the Ministry of Public Health, Thailand.

A team of nurses and doctors are available to assist you. They have the specialized training to ensure that your surgery goes smoothly and you get the best possible results.

They provide services that make people smile, laugh, and feel happy.

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