We collaborate with international healthcare providers, industry leaders, and advocates to offer healthcare solutions to consumers and business that deliver value, are price transparent and benefit all.


Global Care With Confidence


Where the future of healthcare is driven by the connected patient, supported by leading healthcare partners who deliver “price transparent” positive patient outcomes and experiences.


To simplify access to high-quality, affordable healthcare without boundaries and restrictions, that is price transparent, and powered by our patients who want to take control of their healthcare.


We provide a consultative approach for patients looking for more healthcare options, either because of limited specialists or experts in your area, or lengthy waiting lists, or simply high costs.  As they navigate the complex world of healthcare, patients often feel frustrated by unnecessary delays and unanswered medical questions and needs. Our team offers a combination of medical expertise, health coaching, and business experience to navigate this complexity and find viable solutions for everyone, including those who may not be able to afford to travel.

We have experience with healthcare in more than 20 countries across 15 treatments categories and only support patients that can benefit from our services.

Our Brands

Achievements and Milestones


Registered Corporation

In December 2015 TaqTik was registered as a corporation and the office headquartered in Silicon Valley, California.
Early 2016

MVP Platform Development

In early 2016, we finalized our business model and began scope on building our technology platform as an MVP (minimal viable product). We acquired Canadian medical tourism companies IP and Assets to boost our start and test our workflow and processes.
Late 2016

Aquisitions and Acceleration

After further detailed analysis of the global medical tourism industry, we acquired medical tourism pioneer, Gorgeous Getaways (2004) to accelerate our market share into Australia and New Zealand.
Early 2017

Partner and Marketplace Expansion

Following two acquisitions in 2016, we renegotiated existing relationships with top tier hospitals in Malaysia and Thailand while the company doubled overnight, featured globally on a Netflix docuseries "Beauty and the Beach". The marketplace took shape featuring over 500 healthcare packages with transparent pricing. Consumer traffic doubled from the US and Canada.
Late 2017

New Markets and Technology Innovation

In 2017, we negotiated new partners in new geographic markets like Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea and accelerated the development of our medical tourism partner platform and partner strategy.

Partner Expansion and Collaboration

In 2018, we invited select partners from Thailand, Malaysia, and Mexico into our health ecosystem to share our technology platform with a focus to reduce operational costs and duplication of resource effort and improve joint operational efficiencies.

B2C with Focus on Increased B2B Collaboration

2019 is focused on B2B growth in existing international markets as well as top-rated domestic healthcare markets in Canada and the United States. 2019 will also see an increased focus on medical treatments like orthopedics and bariatrics as well as new service development for medical records retrieval, second opinion, and insurance verification.

Our Partners