Looking For An Excellent Orthopedic Doctor?

Looking For An Excellent Orthopedic Doctor?

Whether it’s a dislocated shoulder from falling, a torn ligament from playing basketball, a worn-down hip from years of osteoarthritis, or chronic back pain from an injury, the type of doctor you need to see is an orthopedic doctor.

According to Dr. George Haidukewych, orthopedic surgeons are “basically the surgeons of the musculoskeletal system.” They take care of disorders and injuries of bones, joints, ligaments, and arthritis.

Although their main focus is surgical, orthopedists also provide many other non-surgical options.

It’s fairly easy to find a long list of qualified orthopedic doctors and surgeons, however of the most common challenges is finding the right one for you.

For example, knee, hip, hand, back spine or shoulder surgeries in the US, Canada, and the UK are expensive … often running in the tens of thousands of dollars.

And because so many people lack insurance that covers the entire cost, Taqtik Health is often the solution people need for finding the right orthopedic doctor at some of the most beautiful vacation destinations in the world.

So, when we are first contacted by someone looking for any sort of orthopedic medical service, our primary goal is to listen carefully and help find the best options.

What makes is different is that unlike many medical travel agents, we are involved in every step of the way. And we stay right by your side throughout the entire process.

For example, once you’ve arrived at your destination, we’re also there to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. Even after you’ve returned home, we’ll follow up to guarantee your complete satisfaction.

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When it comes to finding you the best orthopedic medical services, you can expect us to deliver:

  • State-of-the-art Medical Facilities – The infrastructure and orthopedic medical facilities we provide are comparable with those offered in the U.S., Canada, and Australia.
  • Highly Experienced Doctors – Our International orthopedic doctors and surgeons are skilled professionals with years of experience. Most have had their medical training in the U.S. or UK.
  • The Highest Quality Care – At Taqtik, saving money never means compromising on quality.
  • Cost Savings – Most of our orthopedic surgeries and treatments cost less than those in the U.S. and Australia
  • Reduced Wait Times – Why wait 6-12 months in your home country when you can get your orthopedic medical services immediately in one of the world’s most beautiful vacation spots?
  • A Beautiful Vacation – Our locations are some of the most beautiful places anywhere in the world.

Most of the people we talk to every day likely have the same questions and concerns you probably do.

Here at Taqtik Health, we want to help. If you have any questions about finding the right orthopedic doctors and surgeons at high-quality medical facilities throughout the world, please contact us right now.

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Whether you need knee, hip, or shoulder replacement, hip resurfacing, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction, arthroscopy, meniscal repair, or spinal surgeries … we can help.

Not only will you enjoy price savings, but we will ensure your orthopedic procedure will be done in a state-of-the-art hospital that is comparable to the best facilities anywhere in the world.

And our orthopedic surgeons often have more experience than their U.S. and Australian counterparts.  So, without a doubt, we can help you find what you need.

In short, if you’re looking for the best orthopedic doctor, Taqtik is your best choice.

By talking to one of our experts, not only can you get your orthopedic medical procedure for a lower price, but you’ll enjoy better service, better quality, immediate availability, and get to spend your time recovering in some of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

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