Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass with General Anesthesia-(ABS)

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Bariatric – Laparoscopic sleeve conversion to gastric bypass – GA – Gastric bypass and other weight loss surgeries, collectively known as bariatric surgery, involve making changes in your digestive system to help lose weight.

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Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass with General Anesthesia-(ABS)

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Procedure Time

2 to 3 hours

Anesthesia Used

General Anesthesia (GA)


Andrea Bariatric Surgery

Andrea Bariatric Surgery

Dr. Andrea Ooi, a dedicated surgeon with more than 17 years medical experience, is an expert in her field. Over the years, she has helped many people reach and maintain their ideal weight with bariatric surgery. She is an expert on obesity and metabolic management, and has published over ten research articles as well as presentations in this highly specialized field.

Consulting and Surgery

Dr. Andrea Ooi performs bariatric consultation at iHeal Medical Center, Klinik Mediskin and performs surgery in SALAM Senawang Specialist Hospital. This 105-bed hospital offers a wide range of medical, surgical, and consult services. In addition, SALAM Senawang also boasts a 24-hour emergency room that can attend to any immediate medical need outside of normal business hours. Hospital staff are highly respected. Highly-trained and dedicated specialists, diligent nurses, professional administrative and auxiliary personnel contribute to an excellent curative environment and the personal touch that is often as important as medical treatment. Therefore rest assured SALAM Senawang Specialist Hospital is a safe place to be, no matter if you're hospitalized or visiting.


Please note that anesthesia is factored into the surgical costs but can vary based on the surgeon, and hospital.  You can also change your preferred anesthesia or pain management if required.  It is recommended you refer to your firmquote to see what anesthesia will be used.

Recommended Stay:

The recommended stay is based on surgical guidelines and feedback from past clients.  We always recommend you stay as long as you can to ensure maximum healing time.