Dr. Humberto Solis

Dr. Humberto Solís: Premier Bariatric Surgeon in Los Cabos, MX

Dr. Humberto Solís: Premier Bariatric Surgeon working at Blue Net Hospital in Los Cabos, MX. Discover excellence in weight loss and advanced general surgeries with Dr. Humberto Solís, a distinguished bariatric surgeon based in Los Cabos, MX. With a stellar track record and specialization in Gastroenterology, Weight Loss, and Advanced General Surgeries, Dr. Solís is the epitome of precision and care in his field.

Educational & Career Highlights

  • Graduated from the reputable Guadalajara Autonomous University.
  • Secured certifications in Bariatric Nutrition, Minimal Invasion Bariatric Surgery, and Bariatric Metabolic Surgery.
  • Trusted surgeon operating at the renowned BlueNet Hospital, Los Cabos, MX.
  • Extends his expertise to the "White City" of Mérida and Tapachula.

Minimally Invasive Advanced General Surgery

Modern medical advancements have paved the way for minimally invasive surgical techniques. Through small incisions, a tube equipped with a tiny camera is inserted, projecting precise images onto a PC for surgical guidance. The benefits? Reduced pain, minimal blood loss, and accelerated recovery times. Dr. Solís's expertise covers a wide range of procedures, including:

  • Endoscopy
  • Colonoscopy
  • Laparoscopic surgeries
  • Biopsies Surgical solutions for conditions like appendectomies, gastric/intestinal issues, cholecystectomies, and inguinal hernias are effectively addressed with these cutting-edge techniques.

Revolutionizing Weight Loss Surgery

The surge in popularity of weight loss surgeries is not without reason. When traditional methods fall short, surgical procedures like sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, and gastric banding come to the rescue. Dr. Solís offers:

  • Minimal hospital stays of just two days.
  • Swift recovery, getting you back to life swiftly.
  • Significant weight loss results, curbing those persistent food cravings.
 Customized Packages with Dr. Humberto Solís in Los Cabos, MX

Embarking on a transformative health journey doesn’t mean missing out on luxury and comfort. Dr. Solís and his exceptional team understand that. They offer a range of comprehensive packages tailored to your preferences and requirements.

Available Packages:

  1. All-Inclusive Transport Package:
    • Complete transportation services, including airport pickups and drops, commutes between the hospital and hotel, and all necessary transfers.
  2. Accommodation & Transport Combo:
    • All features of the Transport Package.
    • Premium accommodations to ensure your stay is as comfortable as your travel.
  3. Self-Managed Stay:
    • For those who enjoy personalizing their experiences, opt for this package and take control. Book your own transport and accommodations as per your preferences.

Remember, Los Cabos is not just a medical destination but also a slice of paradise on earth. Arrive a few days early and immerse yourself in the beauty and allure of this stunning destination. Whether you're drawn to the lively vibes of Cabo San Lucas, the breathtaking Land’s End, or simply soaking in the sun on pristine beaches, Los Cabos ensures a holistic experience.

Bonus: Remote Patient Monitoring

The challenges of providing care to international patients don't end post-surgery or post-treatment, especially when they return to their home country. With Taqtik Health RPM, healthcare providers can transcend geographical barriers, ensuring that the quality of care remains consistent, no matter where the patient is located.

For patients, the RPM system provides peace of mind. They can confidently travel for medical treatments, knowing that their health metrics are constantly monitored and that they remain connected to their overseas medical team.

Why Choose Los Cabos for Weight Loss Surgery?

Combine world-class medical care with a vacation-like experience. With Dr. Solís and his team at the helm, you get top-notch weight loss surgery complemented by the serene beauty of Los Cabos, Mexico. Embrace a new you while basking in the wonders of this world-renowned getaway.

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