Dr. Sergio del Hoyo

Dr. Sergio del Hoyo: Premier Bariatric Surgeon in Puerto Vallarta, MX

Dr. Sergio del Hoyo. Embarking on a weight loss journey through surgical intervention is both a significant and life-altering decision. Weight loss surgery not only mitigates the health complications related to obesity but also operates through two primary mechanisms:

  1. Restriction - By surgically reducing the stomach's capacity, the amount of food intake is naturally limited, subsequently curbing the calorie consumption.
  2. Malabsorption - Certain procedures modify or bypass a segment of the small intestine, which decreases calorie and nutrient absorption.

Given an individual's medical background, a surgeon can advise the most appropriate procedure. Typically, the surgery entails about five days, and due to its laparoscopic approach, the surgical incisions remain minimal. Such minimally invasive techniques can undoubtedly propel one towards a healthier life trajectory.

About Dr. Sergio del Hoyo

Recognized both in Mexico and Europe, Dr. Sergio del Hoyo boasts dual board certification. He embarked on his illustrious medical journey in Guadalajara, MX, delving deep into Obesity Surgery and Metabolic Disorders. Subsequent years saw him specialize further in Obesity and Metabolic Diseases in Strasbourg, France. He remains abreast of the latest advancements, attending the World Congresses on Obesity annually.

Endorsed by esteemed institutions like the CMCG, CMCOEM, AMCE, and IFSO, Dr. del Hoyo's expertise encompasses laparoscopic gastric bypass, laparoscopic gastric sleeve, and duodenal switch procedures. He also caters to a myriad of ailments, from gallbladder issues, hemorrhoids, gastritis to hernias. Operating primarily at the renowned CMQ Premiere Hospital, Dr. del Hoyo's reputation stems from his exceptional healthcare delivery amalgamated with his genuine patient care. His holistic approach is bolstered by a dedicated team comprising nutritionists, endoscopists, and anesthetists.

Exploring Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta stands tall as one of Mexico's treasured locales. Over the years, its charm has bewitched many global travelers. Should you decide to visit ahead of your surgery, indulge in the ethereal sunsets at Los Muertos Pier or meander through the quaint cobblestone pathways of the Malecon. The Botanical Gardens beckon nature enthusiasts, while whale watching remains a must-experience. The iconic Lady of Guadalupe’s church, along with the once-residence of Elizabeth Taylor, adds a touch of historical allure. For the romantics, Puerto Vallarta never disappoints.

Bonus: Remote Patient Monitoring

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For patients, the RPM system provides peace of mind. They can confidently travel for medical treatments, knowing that their health metrics are constantly monitored and that they remain connected to their overseas medical team.

Why Choose Puerto Vallarta for Weight Loss Surgery?

Combine world-class medical care with a vacation-like experience. With Dr. Sergio del Hoyo and his team at the helm, you get top-notch weight loss surgery complemented by the serene beauty of  Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Embrace a new you while basking in the wonders of this world-renowned getaway.

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