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How to Choose Your Ideal Destination for Bariatric Surgery: Cost Considerations and Factors

Welcome to Taqtik Health, where we pride ourselves on helping you make well-informed healthcare decisions. Bariatric surgery is a life-changing procedure, and choosing the right destination for your surgery is crucial for a multitude of reasons. To make your decision easier, we've put together this comprehensive guide featuring top medical tourism destinations for bariatric surgery: Mexico, Turkey, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Why Choose Medical Tourism for Bariatric Surgery?

Here at Taqtik Health, we've outlined three key benefits of opting for medical tourism:

  1. Cost-Effectiveness: Experience significant savings without sacrificing the quality of care.
  2. Quality of Service: Many hospitals globally are internationally accredited and offer world-class facilities.
  3. Cultural Enrichment: Combine your healthcare journey with the joy of exploring a new culture and environment.

Bariatric Surgery in Mexico


  • Geographic Location: North America
  • Popular Cities: Cancun, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara, Merdia, Tijuana, Merdia and Cozumel
  • Accredited Hospitals/Clinics: CMQ International Hospital, Azura International Hospital, Costamed Hospital.
  • Primary Language: Spanish, although many healthcare providers speak English.

Why Mexico?

  • Geographical Proximity: Particularly beneficial for U.S. and Canada residents.
  • Expertise: Known for high-quality bariatric services.

Bariatric Surgery in Turkey


  • Geographic Location: Transcontinental (Eastern Europe/Middle East)
  • Popular Cities: Istanbul, Ankara
  • Accredited Hospitals: MLPCare International Hospitals
  • Primary Language: Turkish; many healthcare providers are fluent in English.

Why Turkey?

  • Extremely affordable. Gastric Sleeve starts at $2600 USD/$3500 CAD/ $ 4100 AUD/ 4400 NZD
  • Advanced Healthcare: State-of-the-art facilities and medical expertise.
  • Cultural Experience: A mix of European and Asian cultures.

Bariatric Surgery in Thailand


  • Geographic Location: Southeast Asia
  • Popular Cities: Bangkok, Phuket
  • Accredited Hospitals: Several, such as Pat Ransit International Hospital, and Phuket Plastic Surgery.
  • Primary Language: Thai; English is widely spoken in healthcare settings.

Why Thailand?

  • Holistic Care: Integrative healthcare including traditional practices.
  • Tourist Haven: A popular destination for recuperation with its beaches and culture.

Bariatric Surgery in Indonesia


  • Geographic Location: Southeast Asia
  • Popular Cities: Jakarta, Bali
  • Accredited Hospitals: Growing number, including Bali International Hospital
  • Primary Language: Indonesian; English is increasingly prevalent in healthcare.

Why Indonesia?

  • Affordable: Typically offers the lowest costs.
  • Scenic Recovery: Natural landscapes make for peaceful post-surgery recuperation.

Bariatric Surgery in Malaysia


  • Geographic Location: Southeast Asia
  • Popular Cities: Kuala Lumpur, Penang
  • Accredited Hospitals: Numerous, including Iheal Medical Center
  • Primary Language: Malay; English is common in healthcare settings.

Why Malaysia?

  • Quality: Internationally recognized healthcare system.
  • Cultural Diversity: Offers a multicultural experience.

Final Words

Choosing the right destination for bariatric surgery involves more than just cost considerations; it includes evaluating the quality of care, your comfort level, and the cultural aspects. Here at Taqtik Health, we are committed to helping you make the best decision for your healthcare journey.

Wishing you a smooth and successful healthcare journey with Taqtik Health. Feel free to reach out to us for any further guidance you may require.

Bariatric Surgery & Remote Monitoring: The Paradigm Shift

Bariatric Surgery & Remote Monitoring: The Paradigm Shift

Bariatric Surgery & Remote Monitoring: The Paradigm Shift.  It is a reality that plenty of people in the world suffer from obesity despite their efforts of losing weight.  There are many options promoting immediate weight loss, from keto diets to yoga exercises, and extreme exercise routines. However, sometimes they do not work at all.  This is the reason why nowadays, bariatric surgeons are on the rise offering minimally invasive surgeries which produce dramatic weight loss in a couple of months.  Let's find out if these types of surgeries are the right fit for you.

What is Obesity?

According to Mayo Clinic, obesity is a "disease" due to excessive body fat. It is a medical condition that increases many health risks. As per the reasons behind obesity, they may be related to a variety of factors, whether inherited, psychological, or environmental factors.  Obesity is determined according to the BMI (Body Mass Index):

  • Obesity Class I: With a BMI of 31 to 34.9
  • Obesity Class II: With a BMI from 35 to 39.9
  • Obesity Class III: With a BMI above 40

When you suffer from obesity and your efforts of losing weight seem not to produce satisfactory results, you are a good candidate for bariatric surgery.

Types of Weight Loss Surgery

  • Restrictive Surgery - The goal of this bariatric and metabolic surgery is to shrink the stomach.  It will immediately slow your digestion process.   No more cravings. You will feel full after one ounce of food. Procedures: Sleeve Gastrectomy, Lap Band
  • Restrictive/Malabsorptive Surgery - The goal of this type of surgery is to reduce the size of the stomach and reroute the intestine.  The body will have less nutrient absorption which means more weight loss.  In order to compensate, you will need to take vitamin/mineral supplements to stay healthy. Procedures: Gastric Bypass, Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch

Gastric Bypass & Sleeve Gastrectomy: A cure for Type 2 Diabetes

  • Gastric Bypass - Also known as Roux-en-Y and is considered the Gold Standard in Bariatric & Metabolic surgery. It helps the intestines of diabetes patients get rid of excess glucose. After a gastric bypass, the intestine becomes the most important tissue for glucose use and this decreases blood sugar levels.”
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy - It is very popular because it also improves type 2 diabetes, independent of weight loss.  This procedure is performed by removing approximately 80% of the stomach.  Significant weight loss is quick and produces favorable changes in gut hormones that suppress hunger.

Virtual Health Coach - Remote Monitoring

After surgery, most likely you will have a 6-month support program with your bariatric surgeon.  It may include nutrition and exercise tips, as well as psychological guidance if needed.   Your body will go through significant changes when you start losing weight very quickly, and you will be supported every step of the way.  On the other hand, an innovative and integral part of your post-care support is our Wearable Monitoring Device, with next-gen technology specially designed for remote patients.

The Monitoring Device resembles a comfortable watch and monitors all your biometrics, as well as sleep patterns. Your health information is protected by HIPAA rules, meaning that it is strictly confidential.  When you regularly measure your biometrics, you can learn all about your body and improve your health. And the best part is that the device can be connected to other fitness and health devices.   For example, the monitoring device tracks and analyses the following:

  • Blood Pressure (without an inflatable cuff)
  • ECG & PPG
  • Oxygen Saturation
  • Pulse Wave Velocity
  • Heart Rate
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Activity Levels
  • Calories Burned
  • And more

With this in mind, are you ready for an exciting and memorable bariatric journey?

Next Steps

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